People call me a Bitch.

It does happen quite frequently. But then I think it does happen to a lot of woman who honestly speak their minds.

This is why I really was feeling the need to talk about this topic!

So when I am being nice and politely lying to your face, I am such an adorable person. But when I am being honest and actually saying what I am thinking, then I am a horrible person.

By now I actually embrace the fact that people call me names for being direct, because I think being nice and polite is absolutely overrated.

I am already quite blunt, because that’s just how I was brought up. Germany can be painfully blunt and direct. We do not know much shame, the younger generation even less than the older ones.

But then I always prefer if somebody tells me when I have chocolate on my face instead of having me run with it through the whole city.

Embarrassing for a short moment is always better than for a long period of time.

Some people now might say, well if you speak just what you think, why can’t you have nice thoughts?

Buhuu well yeah and the world is filled with cotton candy and everybody is holding hands. None of us just have good thoughts, none of us just have bad thoughts…there is no black and white. And while I am a go-and-get-stuff-done and if-you-believe-in-.yourself-you-can-make-it person, I am far away from a bubbly sunshine and I never will be.

Live can be harsh, the world can be mean…take it and live on, it’s your live…you have to make the best out of it!

So yes I can be incredibly harsh sometimes and impatient and mean. I am working on become less mean, but to be honest sometimes it is actually fun.

Like I said I am embracing the whole Being a Bitch part. But at least with me you always know what you are getting.

I think if people would be more honest with their feelings, ideas, critiques the world would be a better place.

Because how should the other person know if they hurt me, if I do not say anything? All these little rules and backstabbing is just a major pain.

Don’t get me wrong. We should care about each other and help each other…but there is a big difference between simply being nice and actually caring.

Think about what your parents did for you?

They weren’t always nice, but most of the times (I know there are expectations) they did it because they deeply cared for you and just wanted the best for you!

I think this world needs more honesty and real connections without all the fluff and puff you have around social circles. Being nice is overrated!

An example is when a friend of mine chatted up some people on a party, they seemed to have a great conversation going and I at least really enjoyed their company, changed numbers with one of the girls, but my friend wasn’t interested into meeting up with them again. For him that was all just friendly banter. Which is something I don’t get. Why even talk to them if you do not even like them enough to meet them again?  If I don’t care for company I simply say so or politely excuse myself.

So here we go…let’s put this whole topic into a sharable graphic 😉

being nice is overrated
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Ps. There is a great quote on the wall of the cafe I am sitting in that fits the topic.

” Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile!”Dude, if they love me, they gotta love my frown as much as my smile, because I am just available as a whole package, called “ME”. If you don’t like me when I am sad, why should I like you when I am happy?

What do you think? Nice or better a “Bitch”.


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