Last time I visited Beijing, before I took my plane home, I just had to eat some Peking Duck. It was on my Bucket List 😉

There is no way to leave Beijing without snacking on this delicious, juicy treat. Some might not understand why everybody is making such a fuss about it, but I am positively addicted.

Where should you go for the best Peking Duck in Beijing?

There is a ton of restaurants in Beijing, some very fancy, some less fancy. As a poor student I was looking for a yummy place, that wouldn’t break my bank.

So here my personal tip for you 😉

Jingzhun Peking Duck (6 Chunxiu Lu, 春秀路6号 Beijing) – A lovely restaurant in Sanlitun District, which also serves other delicious food. I’ve chosen this one because it offers the option to order 1/2 duck for 78 Rmb. The whole bird will cost you 138 Rmb. A true steal 😉

best peking duck restaurant
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They do not just serve Peking Duck, but also this yummy hot pork-onion on iron plate!

But if you are looking for more options, has a great list of Peking Duck Restaurants all over the city, I am sure you will find the right one 😉

What is Peking Duck and what makes it special?

So lets do a short history lesson, to get the background straigth.

Some of the oldest recipes go back to the year 1300 and Pekind Duck later was one of the typical dishes eaten at the imperial court.

Peking Ducks are a special bread and are kept in a free range area for the first 45 days, then force-fed for the next 15-20 days. So if you are into animal rights, it probably isn’t the right dish for you. But then you probably should just eat vegetarian in China anyway xD Most are quite pragmatic with animals in general.

What makes the skin so amazingly crispy is that the duck gets filled with air, to separate the skin and the fat. Then it is soaked in Maltose Sirup and gets hanged for 24hours, before it finally ends in the oven to get roasted.

The meat gets served with some dipping sauce, spring onions and thin tortillas, which make the most delicious wraps. Trust me it is a real tressure.

So what I really want to tell you:

Go and eat some Peking Duck when you are in Beijing. It is part of the whole China experience and hell you got no clue what you would be missing out on.

So I am now going back into the kitchen and eating a sandwich, pretending it is Peking Duck, because I am starving now 😉 Really have to find out if they prepare the Duck like that anywhere in Germany 😉

Have a lovely Day and Enjoy!!!


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