Here we go. I lately came up with loads of new things to write about and had the Idea to introduce my life and China itself by the different letters of the ABC.

And while looking through different pages I learned some fun new words.

I want to share my fascination with this huge country with you.

So let’s start!

A like amorphous.

amorphous`= “having no definite form or defined shape”

There was no better word to be found to explain China. It is a country in transition. Old ways, clash with new ways, western ideals with eastern ideals. Since opening up more and more it tries to find its place in the world as well as what China wants for itself.

City’s are changing with the blinking of an eye. One Day your favorite store is there, the next day it is gone and a week later a new one opens. The whole country is in a state of transition and it isn’t to be seen where everybody is heading.

Everybody just knows it goes ahead.

Shanghai 9 Years ago, when I first visited is now completely different. Some places are not even recognisable any more.

At home in Germany, things moved step by step…change came gradually, while getting faster over the last years, change never simply exploded.

China exploded.

There are differences like Day and Night between cities and countryside. Everything is constantly shifting, while other places give you the feeling time just stopped.

There is no way to define China.

Nothing has settled yet. What took other countries 10-20 or even 50 years, China is doing in 1 year.

Maybe this constantly growing bubble will break done, as so many experts warn about. I am not so sure about it. There is such a force and will behind this bubble, that I believe they might actually be able to pull of the whole shifting and reforming, without breaking apart.

In the least it never gets boring here. The extreme differences and constant movements make China an interesting place to observe.

In China one never knows what will happen next.

Yes China really is amorphous, it has no definite form nor shape.

Kind of like humans in general, the options, forms and stories are limitless!



photo credit: China Grunge Flag via photopin (license)

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