After A comes B…here is the next letter of my little challenge. Read here the last post.

China is B…

Blatant= ” conspiciously and offendingly loud”

There is a lovely German joke about a Chinese saying : China is worth a journey. But because they sometimes have trouble pronouncing the “r” proberly, it sounds like he said : China is a silent world.

Which is as far from the truth as any thing one could possibly say about China.

The country is loud!

In a restaurant you will scream “Waiter” across the room when you want the menus, something to drink, the bill or anything else.

At the train complete strangers start having loud conversations.

On the streets cars honk from every direction and if they don’t have a horn they will scream.

When you listen to conversations it sounds like the are fighting and screaming at each others, but they are just having a casual conversation.

When you are living on the countryside cicadas make you crazy and the rooster next door is stealing your sleep.

When there is a funeral or a new store opening in the city they blow up a shitload of firecrackers.

Sure not all Chinese people are like that.

But living in China is b …bloody loud.

There is always some kind of noise, be it animals, firecrackers, constructions or people. Silence and Peace is sometimes hard to come by, but one learns to deal with noise. After a couple of month they became barely noticeable and then they just dim into the background.

Noise in China means life, it can be energizing.

In the beginning it is like a constant overload, after living a year in China you probably won’t even be bothered by a Helicopter landing next to your window.

And you know what is really handy about that? Because you can tune out, you will learn to take a nap anywhere you feel like 😉

And even better if your next partner is a heavy snorer, it won’t even bother you anymore ^^

Yeah China is B like blatant, but that makes it so much more interesting!

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