Welcome back for another China is…Post (Amorphous, Blatant, Cryptic, Diverse). We arrived at E and I picked China is exorbitant.

And if any of you have ever been to the Great Wall, you know what I mean ;)E

Exorbitant = greatly exceeding bounds of Reason and Moderation

So what do I mean with this?

Well I mean that they when they do something often go way overboard. Who needs a wall through an entire Kingdom? Which in the end got overrun anyways.

great wall of china
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photo credit: ixtussy Dreaming of Jinshanling via photopin (license)

Or why would you need a giant Mao Statue of 36m or the Leshan Buddah of 72m or better even the Kwan-Yin Statue of 99m.

They live by the motto, go big or go home.

And this behaviour can be seen in many aspects of their live. Some woman will buy super expensive clothing, but their flats look really cheap and are pretty much barren.

Or another got example is when you get invited for food. They always will order too much food and very often expensive food. You will never be able to finish it all.

That has the reason that in case you finish, it says your host has been stingy with the money.

The current house market falls under the same description. They are building like crazy, half of the houses stay empty, but they are still building. If that is not exorbitant I do not know what is. It is literally cheaper to build a new house, then to tear the old one down or renovate it. So the whole countryside is covered in empty buildings about to fall apart.

Even Shopping Malls are exorbitant.Hunderts of Stalls and Shops, next to each other. And next to the one Mall, there is the next one, with the same amount of Shops.

Like I said, go big or go home. Sometimes China just like to go overboard and that’s just how it is.

Showing that there is plenty, shows strength and you have to respect that. Never ever insult your host by not honoring the dishes he bought for you or worse telling him off for wasting food.

Yes China is exorbitant. Big Statues, huge Museums, many Dishes and a lot of Magic 😉

Have a lovely Day and thanks for reading^^

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