When the sun starts to set and the everybody starts to go home, the streets in Shanghai come back to live. One after the other pulls his food cart to usually busy street crossings and sets up their stand.

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From fried noddles, the classic, to street barbeque, there is a snack for every taste.

If you are going somewhere else the offers change. Every region has their specialities. While the food in Shanghai is rather oily and thus the perfect hangover food, the streetfood in Heinan or Qingdao is based on fish and seafood.

Today I will take you to Kaifeng, which is famous for the Nightmarket. I ate myself through the market for you, trying to figure out how much I would have to pay to get full from snacks.

Here it goes:


When we are talking about prices these are the normal prices I usually pay for my food. Just so that you know what to expect^^.

If it’s really late at night it maybe is ok to pay a couple of Rmb more, but don’t let yourself be ripped off, that won’t help you and definitly not the travellers coming after you.

Fried rice/ Noddles : 7-10 Rmb + 2-8 if you add extra meat or sausage

Fried Dumblings: 6-10 Rmb for 4 pieces

Steamed Buns (big) : usually 1.5-3 per piece

Small Steamed Dumblings : 7-10 Rmb for 8 pieces

Grilled Squid: 10 Rmb for 3-4 sticks

Grilled chicken leg : 5-10 Rmb depending on the size

Barbeque : Meat sticks 2-5 Rmb, Veggies/Tofu: 1-2 Rmb each, sometimes even just 0.5, Bread stick 2 Rmb

Eggpancakes: 5-10 Rmb depending on what you add to it

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Wonton Soup: small wontons 8-12 Rmb, Big 10-14 Rmb

Oysters: 2-3 per oyster (small) I paid 20Rmb for 8

Fried bread Sticks : 0.5-2 Rmb

A coconut: 10 Rmb

Eggs: 1.5-2 Rmb


If I can think of anything else I will add it…


But if you know something you would like to add, feel free to leave me a comment, would love to add it to my list =D



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