It’s Christmas!!! Ok not quite yet, but very soon and guess what is my favorite holiday?

Yeah not difficult right.

I love Christmas. Sitting together with the family on Sundays, listening to Christmas songs, the slight smell of cookies and spices in the air and the pretty lit up streets and houses.

This is why I decided to make a small Christmas Series and I am calling it Christmas around the world. Every Sunday I will upload a post about a different country…so far I celebrated Christmas in 3 countries and will again celebrate Christmas away from home this year.

So far I celebrated in Germany, the States and China. Sometimes you simply can’t make it home for Christmas. There are lots of different reasons, but even if you are in a foreign country, you still should be able to enjoy the time.

I will tell you about how Christmas traditionally gets celebrated in these 3 countries and some memories I have and also how I will celebrate this year in Shanghai.

Let me share my secret tips against homesickness and getting in contact with your family. I will tell share some simple decoration tips with you and I even will add a post about how to sent a parcel from China for you.

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On the 6th I will write about my first Christmas away from home in the US, Indiana. That was my first Christmas away from home, but also one of the most memorable ones. It is fascinating how different things can be, but also how many things different countries have in common =)

See you next Sunday ^^

…and I am wishing you a relaxed and merry Pre-Christmas time =)

(Don’t let the Christmas shopping get to you 😉 )

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