Hello Folks,

So who wants to know how training in a Shaolin Kung Fu School looks like? Who’s crazy enough to train 6 hours daily and how does one train?

Great that you are joining me with this little Video Project. I took quite a couple of short videos and pictures over the Day and also uploaded some shots to Snapchat (ID:kung_fuprincess)  and Instagram (kungfuprincess).

Feel free to follow me there…if it works and people are interested I am thinking about continuing with Daily Updates about training and life in China =)

As you do know…well at least I hope so;) I am currently living in China and training in a Shaolin Kung Fu School, Maling Kung Fu Academy for the next 12 month (wait there are only 10 left, time is just flying by xD)

Todays Video is all about my Daily Schedule as well as getting used to carrying the camera with me at all times, so I hope I will be able to improve my Videos over the next several Days.

Mondays start of with Tai Chi, then 1 1/2 h of Basics after Breakfast, 30 min. Break and then another 1 hour of Shaolin forms class, where everybody is practising according to their skill and preferences either a weapon or a fist form. When that one is finished one moves to the next form and so on.

From 11.30 to 14.30 is lunch break, where most people relax in their rooms, read books, watch a movie or take a nap.

In the afternoon then is another 1 1/2 Sanda training, which is Chinese Kickboxing. Today we actually had some light sparring with the other group. (We have two Master, so the students are divided into two groups, none larger then 8 people at the moment).

Usually there would be an optional Wing Chun Class afterwards, but my teacher didn’t feel to good, so we get extra training next week.

Dinner at 18 o’clock and then everybody chills, does some extra training or watches a movie, ohh and there is Mandarin Class at 7pm, which is actually very good. Mona, the translator, is a great teacher ! But I kinda couldn’t go because of all of this.

And that’s about it.

Also I have to say this Day wasn’t the most interesting Day. The weather sucked, people where a tad tired and I nothing exciting happened. It was just a normal training day, which I guess is great to see too, because that way you actually get an idea about what a normal training day in a shaolin school looks like!

I mostly took Videos from the classes today. Tomorrow I will take you on a tour through the school =)

So enjoy the Video and tell me what you think 😉


Ps. I am very sorry for this Video taking so long, but it literally took 12 hours to upload to Youtube and was running the whole day today !



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