Here we go, yes this will be a bit of a travel diary for a change 😉 No need to worry I will keep my usual blog posts coming.

If you are to lazy to read. I also started a Video Diary, here is the short Intro 😉


So why am i suddenly misusing this as a diary? First I think this could be interesting for you and second that way my mom isn’t worrying if I ain’t calling everyday.

Right now I am on the Road in China for the next 30 Days.

One Girl and one Mission!

Find the right Kungfu School to train at for the next 12 months.

Today I arrived in Tai’an. A city in Shandong Province, famous for its mountain.
Tai’shan is one of the holy mountains. Besides that there is not much more, but here is also a Wushu School for foreigners hidden.

I will be visiting it tomorrow afternoon and test their afternoon training if everything works out.

So far so good but getting to Tai’an was a real pain in the ass.

The entry to the building in which you will find the international youth hostel...yep can't hide it much more xD
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The entry to the building in which you will find the international youth hostel…yep can’t hide it much more xD

I took the Nighttrain to Jinan (which actually stopped in Tai’an, I just din’t know what would be my first stop and Wushu School to visit when I bought the ticket on Thursday-stupid me).

From there I got the G-Train back to Tai’an. Quite luxerious and pretty comfy 30 min Train Ride =D And ended in the middle of nowhere. More to that at point 3 xD

Because I learned three things today or better remembered them-.-


1. In rural China, you are going to get stared at. I totally forgot this. Usually in Shanghai nobody bothers to stare. Here I feel like an animal in the Zoo, no kidding. The best thing is when they start talking about Laowei (foreigners) right in front of me.

Yes Dude I do know that you are talking about me and yes I know I have a lot of luggage (never seen a Chinese with a Backpack yet, they seem not to be used to the sight of a woman carrying one).

It’s such a pain in the ass sometimes.

I mean I understand I look weird to them, but come on people, at least try not to walk against the tree because you are staring so much.


2. Most people really don’t get why one would want to travel alone. Again I am not traveling for good times with people I know. I am traveling to discover the world and it’s wonders. Maybe I meet some new people, I usually do and some of them are amazing characters and I treasure the memories I made with them, but that is not the main objective.

No it is not scary, being alone is freeing.

This Chinese Guy asked me on the Train how it would feel to travel alone on a train, if nobody speaks English. Because I wouldn’t be able to converse with anybody.Like I wrote before in my Train Travel Guide, train travel in China is a bit of a social event.

What would I do instead of talking? Duhh easy, listen to music, write, draw, maybe read a book. Yes it is possible to occupy myself without talking to people 😉


3. There is always somebody who can help you. I forgot about this too. I really had a struggle today in finding my Hostel.

I ended up at the new Train Station and couldn’t find any of the buses I was supposed to take to the Hostel…

Thanks to my Cellphone I figured it out. I had to switch buses at the other Train Station. But there where no Nr. 8 and Nr.7 found either. Great description -.-

After running away from countless Taxi Drivers yelling:” TaiShan.” Who were trying to get me into the cab, without the Meter “special deal my friend” and by doing so simply getting on my nerves I finally found the right Bus.

But nobody knew the stop I was supposed to get off at. I asked a young woman and finally somebody understood what I wanted.

I mean come on people. Just because I am pronouncing the last part wrong (feng instead of fang-was written wrong on the webpage, ain’t my fault). I mean seriously…think about a stop the stupid foreigner might could want to go to.

I had the beginning right-.- Sometimes I have the feeling they just don’t want to think along. “If it ain’t 100% right I don’t want to understand, because then I have to think or well maybe I just don’t want to be bothered.”

But then there are always those few people who feel a bit of pity for the lost girl and help out xD

As a thank you present my savior got a Selfie with me (even though I looked horrible, night train and stress are not good for my look ;)) and probably a fun story to tell her friends about the lost foreigner without a chinese address and I, I arrived at my Hostel.

Where I went to sleep.

I found blue sprite..beware fans of peppermint and Mentol this could be your new favorite drink ;)
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I found blue sprite..beware fans of peppermint and menthol this could be your new favorite drink 😉

Besides that I didn’t do much. Bought some snacks and just relaxed. Work will start tomorrow. Now I am just catching my breath a bit and figuring out where to travel next =)

AND before I forget it I am super proud of myself. I finally start to manage readying menus. So I got a peach milkshake, meat bun and some noodles with beef and no bad surprises. Learning Chinese starts paying off 😉

Ok time for me to go to sleep =) Tomorrow will be super busy ^^

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