Hey there =)

Due to the fact that I got no sleep at all this night because I couldn’t get the Video done from yesterday, I will always upload them a Day later.

So todays Video is actually yesterdays 😉

Today we got : How does a Kung Fu School look like? I will take you for a small tour through the school and it’s looks and hope you will enjoy seeing how living in a Kungfu School for foreigners can look like.

Because Tuesdays we have the same classes as Mondays and I didn’t want to show you the same stuff again. Also our master went pretty intense yesterday and I literally had no time to make a Video during class. Let’s say I woke up with a pretty decent muscle ache this morning^^

I love it when I can feel that I did something the next day. Besides that it was a rather calm day.

I was working on the Video during break, practising my chinese and finally skyping again with my mom at home.

It really is strange sometimes how one gets used to living abroad, but I still call her as often as possible. I feel it is simply important to keep the ties to your friends and family, because every relationship needs to be nurtured, even if you are in the middle of a big, huge adventure. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. Lost contact with some awesome people 🙁

But back to the topic. I think I am getting better with the Video cutting, but I am already apologizing for the Video quality. It simply was already to dark and I really wanted to get the Video done on time, poor planning on my side.

But well let me take you onto a tour through Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. Most schools for foreigners have a similar style building and the rooms also are pretty similar, so it will just give you a bit an idea about how live in China can look like in these schools =)

Lean back and enjoy 😉

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