Well hello to Day 3 of my Video Project.

Today I got again a bit of training for you. We had Jumps and Rolls, which is all the fun acrobatics class and the thing I hate the most 😛

I know it is important and it is freaking awesome if you can do it, but geez I am simply crap at it 😉

Otherwise I am taking you on a little tour to the next small village. The school is in the complete country side and it takes 15 minutes to get to the next place with small stores. Small stores in China means very small, very dusty stores with just the basic snacks, but then who cares, because they have ICECREAM =D

Training full-time just gives most of us the most horrible sugar cravings and to kill those one just needs to get something sweet after training^^

After we just came back my Master came up to me and got me some extra training after he just told me during lunch time I probably would have a Sanda Fight next week.

I mean I asked for it but hell, I didn’t expect it to happen that fast xD

So after an exhausting training day, I had 1 1/2h extra Sanda training, practising punches, blocks and Take-Downs.

So when I went fell into my Bed afterwards my hands where constantly shaking and I barely could walk. But for some reason I couldn’t have felt more awesome.

There is nothing more satisfying than training until pure exhaustion and pulling through with it. It just gives you a freaking high afterwards, it’s like a freaking drug, but instead of destroying you it makes you stronger =)

So here is the Video I promised. Hope you enjoy it =)


Ps. Obviously I will keep you updated with the fight coming up 😉

So yeah that’s how life in a Shaolin school is like 😉

Keep on being awesome and have a great day^^

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