Long time no Diary…(ähh on Sunday, this happens if you prep posts beforehand xD ) Time just seems to be flying past and I am already so set in my routine that I even forget to write, which is just crazy.

I need to get myself better organized, with the travel writing as well as with sharing all fun experience of training with you guys.

That’s why I figured I will start a fun little project next week.

A 7 Days / 24h in a Shaolin Kungfu School Video Diary !

I will make loads of videos of my daily life. From getting up, to eating and training over to every little injury or fun thing happening, either by telling you via Video Diary or letting you witness everything on Snapchat and Instagram.

Here are my Accounts if you want to follow them and stay up-to-date:

Instagram: Kungfuprincess

Snapchat: kung_fuprincess

Most of the videos you will also be able to find on my Youtube Channel :

Kungfuprincess on the Road


On my Blog I will try to post everyday for the week, hoping the Internet allows me to *fingerscrossed* This is going to be a bloody busy week for me 😉

I am going to annoy the hell out of my fellow students for a week, to give you the best idea about what training can be like, how the school looks and what kind of Insanity is happening here 😀

I am pretty sure you will get then why I just love training in a Kung Fu School.

Really looking forward to this =D


See you on Monday the 23th of May in the morning/evening (depending on which timezone 😉 ) ^^

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