Today I am talking about a topic I usually try to stay away from, I rescheduled my original post to write about this instead. I am sure you all heard the horrible news.

Sometimes I think I travel to run away from all the bad news.

But as soon as I read them again, I am terrified and saddened by all the things humans do to other humans and the world.

I realized that it is time for me and for every other writer, journalist, blogger, artist and person with compassion to speak up. EVERYBODY who can spread a message in the name of humanity should do so.

Will it be of any use? Who knows but in times like this we have to stand strong and united against stupid ideologies and even more stupid people.

This is why I am an open letters in this post, one addressing the terrorists. Will anybody read this? Who knows, but some things have to be said and can’t be kept quite.

Dear terrorist,

or should I better say “not very dear”?

First I want to get something straight, I still can’t hate you! No matter what evil deeds you have done, I can’t hate you. I maybe hate the people behind you pulling the strings in the background, but I refuse to hate you.

My dear Terrorist I pity you …

I pity you because you have lost everything that makes you human, you are like an animal killing because of instincts, to get rid of potential rivals. You have lost the ability to think for yourself and you have lost the ability of compassion.

You have lost your humanity.

You are following your ideology and your leaders, the one who promises to free the world from its oppressors, all the non believers. Weird don’t you think that these non-believers never actually physically hurt you?! Who is now trying to oppress whom? Aren’t you trying to spread fear and hate? Aren’t you trying to convert people by force?

But there is no use discussing with you, you’ve been brainwashed, you are nothing more but a puppet, for your leaders to use. You won’t gain anything, but they will. They will gain power…ever wondered why you are sent to the battlefield and they stay at home?

You want to fight against oppressors, your sworn enemies, but you let yourself by used by them.

Instead of doing good and showing the world how great your religion can be, by helping the poor, giving help to families, helping to shape a good and prosperous society, you decided to take the easy way and to throw a tantrum like a little kid.

You are not smart, you are a coward who is taking the easy route. Once you die nobody will miss you, you won’t have left anything behind. Instead of making this world a better place, you destroy life’s and families.

How many Moslem’s where actually killed by you and the other puppets during the attacks of the last years? Are they not your brothers and sisters?

What gives you the right to judge people? If you really are religious you should know, just your god has the power, the knowledge and the right to judge. Who are you to decide?!

And really?? Killing people so that you can get into paradise? Are you such an egoistic person? Are you looking for the 100 virgins as your reward? REALLY?? I thought a religious person is a person with morals, but geez it seems like you are just a horny, spoiled brat.

Do you know why they promise you honor and virgins if you kill yourself?! Do you know why they promise you paradise?

Because they are scared. They know you are weak and if you live and get caught, you will talk. Maybe not in one month, not in one year or two, but eventually you will talk and then your puppet masters are in danger. Because your leaders are scared of death and prison. They want you to kill yourself for the greater good?

Bullshit, they want you to kill yourself, for their own good, because they know that you are just a weak human being who will eventually break. They use you and then throw you away.

Where is the honor in this death? You are killing yourself because you are scared. There is no honor in killing and suicide.

Yes, what does a woman possibly know about honor, you may ask me now? Or an atheist about religion?

I know there is nothing to be proud of if you shoot at helpless people who can’t fight back. There is no honor in killing kids, teenagers and young people. There is nothing to be proud of when their parents get the news about their deaths…no parent should have to witness their child’s death, no matter how old the child is and no kid should suddenly lose their parents by events like this. There is nothing amazing in taking peoples life’s, it is easy done, you just showed the whole world how easy it is, again and again.

You can be proud of yourself if you rescue a life, you are brave if you fight against hate with love and without weapons…every idiot can shoot…

Have you ever actually helped another human being? Have you ever helped a homeless person or an elderly? Have you stopped other kids from bullying somebody weaker than them? Have you ever listened to another persons story, when they were sad and desperate?

How can you say you are fighting for morals and believes? How can you call yourself righteous and how can you call other people sinners who spent their life’s helping others, just because they maybe don’t believe into the same things?

Religion should never be an excuse for violence. Religion is something to connect people, to give them hope and to give them a reason to live. Religion is there to teach you humanity and the respect for life. Something you clearly didn’t understand.

Is everybody a good person? No, definitely not. There are always power-hungry people out there, who make bad decisions for you, but maybe good for them or others...There is no black and white in this world, there is no we and they… and it is not your job to judge them. Write about them, start lawsuits, do good where they do bad, reach out to global organizations…in short do it like Gandhi or Martin Luther King…don’t give in to violence.

Because it definitely isn’t your job to take the life’s of defenseless, innocent people, who just happened to be at the same place as you by chance.

It will spread panic, but just for a moment, because bad things forge people together. It strengthens bonds.

It strengthens humanity. In the long run you will lose.

Because I have faith in one thing. I have faith in this world and I have faith in love.

I know this sounds so cliché, but I believe in humanity. I believe that there is nothing more valuable than a life and that it should be protected.

Like I said, I won’t hate you! I refuse to hate you, because I refuse to be infected by your stupid believes and your poisonous actions.

I refuse to hate, because I love this world and I love the people living in it.

Dear terrorist, you lost. You didn’t scare me, nor did you make me hate you…

You just made me pity you and your ideology.

Remember my words, just the weak use the means of violence and weapons.

Those who are truly strong will always go the more difficult way and face hate with a smile and won’t be stopped by a senseless attack.

Those truly strong will always try to make the world a peaceful place instead of giving in to inferior emotions and letting egoistic motives lead you.

You lost and you will never succeed!


This is why I am finishing this letter with this call to the world:

The World is a beautiful and colorful place, every culture and religion is adding to its beauty. Diversity is its biggest gift. No matter where in the world you are…whether in Baghdad, in Turkey, in France, in Beirut, in the States or in China. Light a candle for all the life’s lost because of stupid wars and human greed.

Join Hands against Hate and Terror.

Do something good, pay a homeless person a meal, play with the kids in an orphan home, teach refugees your language and help them find their place in society (take them by the hand, they are your brothers and sister, who are fleeing from the same terror Paris just faced this week, they are not your enemy, they are running away from the hate and terror).

Do something good, share the love, share humanity and stand up for your values.

Join hands so that the terror never can win.

I am not saying pray, praying won’t help is time to take action!

Stop sitting around, take action and make this world a better place. Fight against bombs with flowers, fight against guns with love. Show them that no matter how terrifying their actions, they can’t defeat humanity and they will never be able to break us !

Show them that you are not scared and that you won’t bow down to their will!

Let’s light a candle, remember the names of the life’s lost, hold them dear and do something good in their names.

Don’t let the terrorist win!



Share this message and share the love, let’s all stand united.

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