Remember my little rant about minimalist packing???

Well to prove that I am still a reasonable packer I figured I simply will give you my 3 weeks packing list for Ireland (mind you the weather is quite cold and rainy, today we had 18 degrees celsius and in the evening it cooled down a lot).

  • 3 nice shirts (something to wear when going out)
  • 7 normal shirts/tops
  • 1 Long-Shirt
  • 1 Pullover (nice and cozy)
  • 1 Blazer
  • 1 light jacket (just to throw over the shoulders when it cools down)
  • 1 fleece jacket
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 vest (which is my new favorite piece right now 😉 )
  • 1 umbrella (just saying, no joke, it is raining all the time in Ireland xD )
  • 2 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 pair flower-pants
  • 1 pair sports-pants
  • 1 pajamas (no sleeping in underwear in a hostel, just ain’t working if you’re sharing rooms)
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 pair of leggings (in case it is to cold for just the skirt or shorts)
  • 4 pair of shoes (flip-flops (hostel bathrooms can be gross), hiking boots, city shoes and a nice pair for going out, in my case ballerinas)
  • jewellery (just tiny pieces to dress up my outfits a bit)
  • a scarf (bright yellow to add some color)
  • a pair of gloves (remember it is quite cold here, I am using them)
  • Make-Up and Shower Stuff (shampoo, conditioner and shower gel+ face cream, skin cream and a face-scrub, need it, I have horribly try skin, but oily at the nose…if I don’t use these, my skin would be destroyed. I am sharing all of it with my sister, so basically it is just half in my bag and the other in hers)
  • Work stuff (ohh that is all your fault, the huge pink daypack is full with my idea book, laptop, loads of cables and two adapter, camera equipment, like my tripod (for night pictures and videos, pencils and my planner.) Working hard here for you guys 😉
  • Food (just some muesli, chocolate and noodlesoups- to which I am absolutely addicted)Just some stuff against the night hunger. The noddlesoups are theeeeee best cure against a hangover. Eat them before lying down and because of all the salt you won’t get a hangover in the morning. It really works and can be handy, especially if travelling in Ireland 😉 + some spices like salt and pepper. I fill them into small containers, so we don’t have to buy any and don’t have to carry the big new ones later with us, because we are for budget reasons cooking quite often for ourselves.
  • First Aid Kit (Always having a small one with me, the basics something to disinfect small cuts, some cream against bruises and bandages to stabilize the joints if needed+ medications against diarrhea, allergies, headaches and fever. Not much just a couple of pills, just in case Sometimes it is not so easy to find the next pharmacy or it is very urgent. Even the more important when you are planning to go on a couple of hikes)
  • One padlock (most hostels have places for you to lock your important stuff up, but you will need to bring your own lock with you)
  • Washing detergent ( the clothes won’t be enough for 3 weeks so I filled some detergent into a small bottle. This way we can wash by hand if the place we are staying at, has no washing machine to use+ we don’t have to buy any and can use our own instead )
  • 1 bottle for tea (I love my green tea and daytours can be long. It is important to stay hydrated when travelling so I always have a 1l bottle with me.)
  • A sleeping bag (This may sound paranoid to you now, but I have seen hostel and hotel beds that just gave me the creeps, so now I am always taking my super light and tiny sleeping bag with me, just in case and it is also great as a cover when sitting at a bonfire =D )
  • A travel pillow as we are mostly travelling by bus, it makes the journey a looooot more comfy ^^

I didn’t take extra shoes, even if I would have loved too and left two dresses and a pullover at home. I was reasonable for a change, but any less would just feel not fun anymore.

So what do you think? Too much?? Not enough?? I gotta say it fits my bag perfectly^^


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