Due to the fact that I, the owner of this blog, have German Citizenship, am currently writing in Germany and am having this blog registered in Germany, it falls under GERMAN LAW.
According to German Law the “Impressum” is mandatory. This is my Adress and Contact information:

Buisness Seat §5 TMG:

Sabine Krestel
Im Kranich 15

73207 Plochingen

E-Mail: writeme@kungfuprincess-on-the-road.com
Cellphone: +491735398502

I ask you kindly to not missuse these information and just contact me when there are buisness related problems. Otherwise you can contact me with the contactform of my blog.


1.Liability for Content: According to § 7 Abs.1 TMG, I, as owner and writer of this website, am responsible for my own content puplished on this website according to German Law. All of the content written by me is from my own experiences. If you decide to follow this content, you do so at your own risk. I won´t be held responsible for any loss or damages caused by your reliance on the content. Furthermore I can delete and change any of the content at any time without having to notify any readers. According to §§ 8 – 10 TMG I am not obliged to controll external information which are saved or puplished on my website. Obligations according to German law to delete or ban certain informations will remain unaffected. A liability according to a concrete violation of the German Law is just possible from the date where I, the website owner, have gained knowledge. When Violations of the law get known the content will be deleted immediatly.
2. Liability for Links : This website contains links to websites of third parties. I have no influence on the content puplished on these Websites. This means I can´t be held responsible for foreign content. The responsibility always lies with the person in charge of a website. The linked webpages where checked for possible violations of the law when the link was puplished on my website. There were no violations known at that time. When Violations of the German Law get known affekted links will be deleted immediatly.

3. Copyright: The content and work puplished on this page are goverened by German Copyright Laws. Reposting, editing, distribution or any other kind of use beyond the bounds of German Law needs a written agreement of the Writer or Creator. Copies and Downloads of the content on this website is allowed for personal use only. If there is content created by third parties, not the website owner, the Copyright Rights of these third parties are taken into consideration. All content puplished from third parties will be marked as such. Should you still become aware of any Copyright Violations, please tell me. When I gain knowledge of any violations the affekted content will be deleted immediatly.

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