Huuuh where is Dengfeng even? And why would you go there?

Dengfeng isn’t very well-known, but the Shaolin Temple is and Dengfeng is the city next to the temple. The city with half of the population being Kung Fu Students, the biggest school being Tagou School with 40 000 students. A city in a city so to say.

So when you go and visit the Shaolin Temple, chances are you are going to stay in one of the Hostels or Hotels in Dengfeng.


Definitly not the most charming city in China…but one of the most interesting^^

What people often forget is that Dengfeng has more than just that one major tourist sight and besides being able to do excellent Weapons Shopping there, there is a lovely Pagoda with a great view and Song Mountain, which is absolutely stunning and one of China’s holy mountains.

But today I want to discover Zhongyue Temple with you.

A large and stunning temple complex just outside of Dengfeng City, which usually gets completely overlooked by tourists streaming to the Shaolin Temple.

I went there last February and the area was pretty much empty. No tourist crowds, but century old trees, Taoist Monks and lovely ancient buildings instead. It is rare to visit a temple in China which is so peaceful. If it wouldn’t have been that cold I maybe would have just sat down and started meditating. I guess it will be slightly busier in the summer, but for sure nothing like the Shaolin Temple.

Time stood still in this place. Perfect just to stop and breath!

zhonyue temple

The temple complex is one of the biggest in the area, great for a stroll!

Important Information about Zhongyue Temple

It is located under the foot of Taishi Mountain, which is 4km east of Dengfeng. I walked there, because it is easy just to follow the street signs and follow the straight road, but taking a Taxi is also quite easy, especially if you take a picture of the Chinese Name and show that to the Driver:  中岳庙 , the address : 452470城东4千米

Entry was 30Rmb for adults and 15Rmb for students.

The opening times are from 8am to 5pm.

When I went there the ticket lady wasn’t there and I first had to ask around, because she was off somewhere, so during Non-Peak Seasons you might have to search around a bit for somebody actually selling you that entry ticket 😉

Picture Tour through Zhongyue Temple

Instead of talking about it, I will simply show you why you shoud not miss this hidden gem!

Ps. Special Tip! Every 10th of the third lunar month and 10th day of the 10th lunar month the temple fair begins. It lasts about 10 days and has various smaller activities. If you are already in the area, why not time it and get a better idea of religion in modern China =)


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Have a great Day exploring this absolute awesome gem in Dengfeng.

I loved my Day Trip over there and would definitly go there again if I am in the area!

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