Funny how hard it can be to restart a project after letting it rest for several months. Months in which I could have done great stuff. But the longer I wait the harder it gets to restart everything.

Its a real fear of restarting, because there are so many what if`s and to-do`s.

No this doensn’t mean I am quitting, Duh!!! I am not a quitter, I think I have built something here and am super happy to have you as my readers. Couldn’t imagine stopping this.

It’s just hard sometimes and I am sure you know what I mean.

I got loads of ideas, I just kinda didn’t know where to start anymore because so much stuff just piled on. Inbetween university, working and crafting for an easter sale, doctor visits and figuring out where to go from here, I just couldn’t get myself to start, because that tower of stuff to do just got bigger and bigger xD

Isn’t it strange how we are hurting ourself by going away from a problem in that moment, which will just come back at us doubled or worse?

So here it goes. I am restarting.

One step at a time and then hopefully again fulltime. So please be patient with me the next months, I have to find back into my rythm.

Fear of restarting? – Procrastination!

They got this lovely fancy word for this : procrastinating and I think I am a Queen in it.

The reasons why we do this are loads.

Mine are that I am scarred not to make it work. Scarred to be stuck, so better not do anything, then fail, right? NOOOO WRONG!

I found this lovely graphic, which I want to share with you! It helped me getting started again, I hope it will help you too!

Courtesy of:

Thank you Essay Experts – This is pretty much what I needed. Here goes to fresh beginnings. Looking forward to writing more with you =)

Have a lovely start into the week! =)

Your Kungfuprincess

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