Just a quick note written from my cellphone.

Time to give you an Update on Kung Fu Life and finally share my Kickbox Fight Video (or Sanda for the once aware of Chinese Kickboxing)with you.

Due  to either my VPN giving up on me or the Internet being  even slower then usual. I have been crawling through the Net and after just trying to log into my Blog with my Laptop for over an hour, I decided to switch to my cellphone. In short I am apologizing for eventual spelling mistakes. Autocorrect is a Bitch and I hate  typing on this xD

Besides the unusual slowness of the Web this has been a tough month. Nobody expects  the death of a loved one when travelling. Which lead me to not even wanting to celebrate my Birthday a week  later.

Yeah I am officially 24 years  old now.

Gosh I am getting old 😀

I am going on a small weekend trip next weekend, so that is my way of celebrating my Birthday a bit at least;)

No worries I will share all the glorious details with you all 🙂

It is going to Lianyungang, a port city in Jiangsu, China. Small, relatively untouristy and definitly not one of the usual hot spots. I am really looking forward to maybe discovering a little gem 😀

OK but enough talk, I know what you want to see.

Here  is the Video of my fight on the 11th of June. I also wrote about it if you want to know all the glorious Details.


What else is up? Well we didn’t have normal training since two weeks because of a performance we are joining the next days. I will share the whole stuff this Friday. But here  is some Instagram Goodies of the training, which an other student of the school shared. 
( I am sorry for just sharing the link, can’t figur  out how to embed stuff with my phone xD )

What more  is there to tell?

Life is the same as  usual I guess. The weather turned crazy hot, but we all got now an electric fan for out rooms, which is a real life saver 😀
How the hell is one supposed to sleep in 32 degrees with over 75% of humitity.

We got a new extra class on Wednesdays. Its called Pigua, which I hope I have written right.

It is out of the same family as  Bagua and Baji. That stuff is absolutly insane. Loads of arm swinging, like absolutly crazy. My Hands went  numb and got all picky, like when  they fall  asleep.
After training that for a while  I think I will be able to knock somebody out with a simple slap. Insane and fun to learn. But I had a severe case of Backmuscleache the next days 😀

Well and thats  about it from Maling Kung Fu Academy life. Feel free to read their students blog for some more information about life here, if you are interested in training in China, too 🙂

Talk to you soon and love ya all 😉

Have a great Day and let me know what you think about the fight 🙂

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