Finding the Chi in Tai – Or better struggling with the soft parts

Let it flow, legs and arms are moving as a unit. Soft, gracious and yet powerful. Well that what it is supposed to look like.
Not like an elephant stomping down, who tries to balance on two legs and nearly topples over.
No other time I feel so not gracious then when doing Tai Chi. Our Master just moves in one constant flow and I feel like a robot trying to walk like a human.
Weird how one struggles with what looks the easiest.
Tai Chi shows me all the things I am struggling with in my life.
To relax, to let things go, to accept the body as a whole, instead of dividing it into parts.
Isn’t everybody always trying to be in complete control of their life, which leads us to tense up, trying to push a rythm onto out lives, which isn’t natural nor healthy.
When was the last time where you just let go.
Let go of all the trouble, worries and pain. Just breath in, breath out and do. Whatever you like to do…just try to do it right. Paint, write, work, clean…doesn’t matter. But just do it, just focus on doing thinking about is that right or wrong or what do I have to cook today.
Simply give the mind a rest and focus on the here and now and that is all that counts.
Tai Chi is all about inner energy, inner calmness…being soft, yet strong…being perfectly balanced.
Our Shifu said, if you can’t keep your balance, you are doing something wrong…
This means to practise more…until everystep is under your control, without worrying about it, but simply enjoying doing it.
I gotta be honest I am not enjoying Tai Chi yet…I never really have…it feels like I am constantly running against a wall. Letting my head take over and forgetting to simply breath.
Everything tenses and I lose my rhythm.
But then isn’t that what life is about too? Finding out what you are struggling with and working on yourself until you figure it out. No master has yet fallen from heaven.
This means I will keep on searching the Chi in the Tai and when I found it and figured it out how to let it flow, I am pretty sure there will be the next challenge awaiting for me.
So I will go down now and practise to let it flow…to forget my worries and live in the moment. Why waste time thinking about what can not be controled...instead control how to enjoy every minute Click To Tweet (or at least as many as possible)
Have a very balanced evening and enjoy imagining me nearly tripping over my feet to get the flowy parts right -.-
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