This was my first day in the Kung Fu School I picked (Read here about why I picked the school)

It was my first day in Maling Kung Fu Academy.

It is the 22th of March.

If you are wondering why I didn’t upload everything immediately, there are two reasons. First I do not have Wifi yet and am not sure if I can afford the extra money, which means I have to upload my posts on the weekend in the city or in the common room, but this leads me to reason number 2.

I have barely enough time to write everything down, which means the whole uploading and reviewing has to be done on the weekend.

Weekend is the only time where I actually do have free time.

How can this be so busy, I am just doing sport?

Well my day today started at 6 am, but I already woke up at 5.30 and had a chat with my new room-mate. I really like her, guess I was lucky =) Ohh and by the way we are the only woman in the school, besides the translator Mona. The rest is just man, but then that’s what I am used to from my last time at a Kungfu School^^

At 6ish we went down to Tai Chi. I forgot most of the 24 step, one could say the beginner form of Tai Chi…well I didn’t forget the movements, just how to connect them with each other.

But I am sure I will get the hang of it soon again. I love Tai Chi in the morning. So nice and relaxing, simply the perfect start into the day.

Later there was breakfast.

Simply a bun, an egg and some hot water. I think I have to get some extra stuff, tonight I already bought some soymilk. The weekend I might get some other stuff =) But I highly doubt I will find Nutella here and then I never really have been much of a Breakfast eater either way^^

Afterwards as it was Tuesday we had Jumps and Rolls. What can I say, I still suck at it. I think my feet are simply not ment to leave the ground, it ain’t working.

There already is this inside joke that we maybe should just tie some bricks to my shoes, so that my body thinks it never leaves the ground, but I am highly doubting that it will work.

Ohh and warm up by the way was a 2 km run.What can I say, it went over a really rocky road, up and down and yes I am trying to find excuses why I wasn’t able to run the whole thing 😛

Next class was Applications, which is punches dodging, grips and other tricks. Actually was fun as it seemed all so nice and flowy, but my arms are covered in bruises now. It looks like somebody beat me up, which was kinda what we were doing…no it wasn’t, but I still ended up all blue and green.

At 12 there is lunch and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was not bad, even a bit spicy, what I love. So thumbs up for the food, it seems ok for the next year. I mean the usual cucumber with eggs, some meat with soybeans and potatoes and rice.

Fills you up and tastes good =)

Next class in the afternoon just starts at 14.30, which gives you plenty of break. I just worked a bit on my Videos and then I took a nap. Blame the Jetlag or the fact that I was doing so much sport in one day, but I was close to breaking down. I really needed that nap.

Which was far to short either way. I forced myself to get up, already feeling the muscle ache and went to Take Downs. All the fun stuff like catching legs, sweeping them away from people and pushing them over…and getting pushed over xD

But I was surprised, I am used to a much harsher training, never been pushed down that gently before. Maybe I will get used to this, wasn’t to bad. Seems like I maybe even start enjoying the classes I used to hate the most last time.

Still have the feeling that my neck is going to be severely hurting tomorrow.

First Day in the Kung Fu School
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After training we were sitting outside a bit, it finally is getting warm again in china and the garden of the school is actually pretty amazing. It is really pretty but also got all the fun stuff, like boxing bags and bars and some other cool training tools.

We went into the closest village tonight. I really had to go to the supermarket and buy some basics like washing detergent and a good water bottle. We ate there and I gotta say I had a good time.

I have the feeling I will get along with the people here quite well ^^ At least they are all as insane as me 😛

Now I just took my shower and am going to bed. It is 9 pm and I feel completely done.But that means I will sleep very well today =D

See you soon again =)

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