Last week we had the Basic Shaolin Stances, this week we are having the form with which you can train them all. Head over there if you want to review the stances for the form.

It’s called 5-Step, which makes sense because that is literally all it is. The 5 stances put together in a way so that it creates a flow and all of them can be practised in movement instead of one by one.

5-step is a very basic Form, which most Kung Fu students will learn in the beginning. It is a combination of the 5 main stances and rather simple. No fancy jumps, weird twist or overly flexible legs needed. It just will teach you a foundation on which all later following forms will build on.

So yes it may seem boring, but it will be one of your most important forms you ever learned.

So let’s skip the whole bla and get to it. Here are the individual steps in pictures at the bottom you will find the Video Tutorial.

Learn 5-STEP- Tutorial


Close the legs and finish up.


Now these are the pictures of the first part. The second part of the form is the same, just the different direction. So instead of left you start with right. And in the end you will face forward and finish up with a bow.

Now I could show you the whole moves too, but to make things a bit more interesting I want you to figure it out by yourself.

That’s how you really learn the form. You have to figure it out! Go through it step for step and do it the opposite way.

I had to learn it that way and guess what, this form are the only movements I never forget. Learning a form this way makes you remember your basics for the rest of your life!

Here is the Video!

So go and give it a try^^

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