Hey guys…I am back xD

Sorry for the long break, but with traveling to Frankfurt for my Visa and helping my pregnant aunt with her two kids I was not just without my laptop, but also incredibly busy xD.

Here is what I did:

Monday: Walked over 9 km in Frankfurt and my 30 Day Challenge App told me I had a Break Day, which I gladly accepted.

Tuesday: The walking continued. This time I managed 11,5 km of walking and Day 5 of the App ( 8 Push-Ups, 25 Sit-Ups, 25 Wide Squats, 8 Chair Dips and 25s plank)

Wednesday: Here I sat into the train and drove done to my aunt. Besides playing around with her two Boys (catch, hide and seek and throwing the little one up into the air) no extra sport for me. I was completely done (haven’t slept more then 5 hours the last days).

Thursday: Walking the Boys to the Kindergarden, housework and Days 6 of my 30 Day Fitness App ( 6 Push-Ups, 15 Sit-Ups, 15 Wide Squats, 8 Chair Dips and 30sek Plank), where all I had time for. We had to bake a cake, because the little ones Birthday was soon and they where keeping us really busy.

Friday: Finally time for a run. I got back into my challenge and ran the 2,5 km. Also I did a Freeletics challenge with the kids and Day 7 of the App.

Saturday: Birthday time, I had a cake to finish and later I played with the kids, but I got at least a bit of a work out in the afternoon. One hour football game with the big one and his friends. They made me run my fair share and in the evening a Swordkit session.

Sunday: Had to pack my stuff and drive home (3 hours) and then I had to repack everything I needed to pick up my Visa the next day.

Monday: Left the house at 6 in the morning to catch my bus, arrived at 11 am in Frankfurt, picked up my Visa, walked my 5 km and got the Bus back. Arrived late at night and fell into my Bed. I came up with some exersices I could do on the road, which I did when I had to wait or some spare time.

Tuesday: Being gone so long resulted in me doing Paperwork and one Swordkit session.

Wednesday: 4 km walk and Day number 8 of my Fitness App.

Today: Day number 9, Swordkit, Yoga- just some sun salutations and later going for my run…I am back in the game!

Gosh this week was horribly busy, I was just running around and getting stuff done.

Besides being horribly tiered most of the time, I also barely found time for fitness. Really need to check out some short exercises, which I can do everywhere. I will let you know what I set together =)

So now I am nearly half way through my challenge. Tomorow I will have the next video ready with the exersices I did on Monday while I traveled.


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