Hello and welcome to my suffering.

I started my Fitness Challenge Day 1. Here is the summary of all the exercises I did for my first day.

Day 1

30 Day Fit: 5 Push-Ups, 15 Sit-Ups, 15s Plank, 8 Chair Dips with bent knees and 15 Squats.

This challenge I actually have on Video for you to watch and laugh xD

What’s important? Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get all the way down with your Push-Ups, go as low as you can and keep on going. It will imporve, mine suck bad too, but I know if I keep on doing them daily, they will get better.

Why Push-Ups? Because they are great for your whole body, you have to use a many different muscles and they strengthen your back muscles, which many people tend to forget when training.

Otherwise these exercises from the challenge train different parts of your body, which is perfect for me as I want to get overall fit.

Freeletics: Here I tried out the Athena Workout, the beginner exercise and did it twice, which sums up to 50 crunches, 50 mountain climbers (a variation of the plank) and 50 squats. What I loved is the fact that you have a timer, which pushes me much more, then simply doing the exercises, especially because you can compare times later with other users.^^

Youtube: This is the Video I used today. I totally adore her Videos and figured some gentle waking up would be exactly what I needed for my first day^^

I won’t share the Video on my page, as it seems a bit tricky if this is now legal or not, but click here and you will get to lovely Adrienes Morning Sequences, I had number 4. I loved it *thumbsup*

I didn’t have time for Sworkit as I was busy backing a  cake for tomorrow, my grandmothers birthday and also had to get some shopping done, but in the evening I found some time to add two of my martial arts exercises.

50 Calfraises and 2 min. Mabu (Horsestance). I will make a Video of my martial arts exercises tomorrow and explain to you how to do these two and a couple of other exercises.

That’s about it for my first day. It was an easy start, but for Day 2 I try to go a bit further, so that I actually get some muscle ache 😉

Keep on training and talk to you soon :*

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