Woho that didn’t work out well with my Fitness Plan for Students.

Well I went running twice and I had 3 proper workouts. And ended up with injuring myself pretty badly last Saturday while I was in Milan.

Also I noticed sticking to this plan wasn’t really possible while traveling xD But I walked a solid 16km every day and climbed the stairs of the cathedral in Milan + walked another 8km with a wounded knee (which now is really swollen and turned a tad blue and green – I know not very smart, but I really wanted to see some more of Milan, while I was there and the pain was definitly worth it 😉 )

So now I am resting my knee and not able to move.

But I loooooooved the food last week and I have to say it did work quite well for me, but I had some trouble sticking to my 5 meals a day.

I noticed that I really need a stricter time plan for myself. Otherwise I end up having breakfast super late and then starving around. Skipping my snack and going for late lunch and so on. Exactly what I wasn’t supposed to do.

So I am taking a bit of a forced rest until I can restart the challenge properly. Hopefully this Friday! Obviously I will upload the Meal Plan for next week by tomorrow. You can look forward to some sunny recipes. Italy really inspired me here ^^

Besides that I am proud to say that I walked the stairs every day into the 3rd floor until I injured my knee. Now I can barely walk to the bathroom. I hate my jumpy kneecap -.- Ok enough whining!

I also will try to stick stricter to my now sweet drinks policy and drink less coffee and more water. Especially now that it is this warm =)

That’s about it. Next weeks review will be longer, with more pictures.

(It felt very strange doing this picture and blog thing, while the boyfriend of my sister lived with us. I know it is crazy to say, but it just didn’t come naturally. But he leaves tonight, which will leave my sister hardbrocken, but I guess me more blogging motivated xD Because we still have some Video Projects planned and she was too busy while he was here. Which I totally understand^^. – Enough private talk)

See ya tomorrow for next week^^ How did it go for you? Or do you want to join in?

Here is the Fitness Plan and here the Meal Plan for Week 1.

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