Now that it is getting cold, I simply couldn’t help looking for ways to stay warm.

I already wrote my tips on how to stay warm in a Kungfu School in China, but even these seem like not enough.

And while I am hiding under my blanket, I am googling stuff to get, so that I won’t freeze as much next time. I know it is all about toughening up and going back to basics, I just don’t like freezing.

Seriously, I never appreciated a hot water bottle more than during these days. And it’s not even proper Winter yet! I am going to freeze to death xD Well or one of you is going to play a hero and sent me one of these awesome gadgets 😛 But then it probably wouldn’t arrive on time anyway. I can do this for another 2 weeks until Christmas (when I fly home for a while). But you don’t have to suffer the same fate 😉

Here are some of the best Gadgets for Winter Travel (or people training in a Shaolin Kungfu School in China)

1. Touchscreen Gloves

And not just normal gloves, but the ones all of us cellphone crazy people can use. No use if I have to take them off to use my touchscreen 😉


(I picked the nice and cozy looking ones, but there are lots of different options in all colors and styles)

2. Warming Gloves for writing on your Laptop

These are a Bloggers Dream come true. I am freezing my hands of lately. Nothing worse than writing an email if you can barely move your finger!

Who ever invented these is a freaking Genius!

3. Heated Mouse and Keyboard

We are sticking with the Computer Gadgets. If the gloves are not your style. You can beat the cold with a Heat Pad which you place in front of your Keyboard or a Mouse, that keeps your hands nice and cozy.


4. Socks that will keep your feet warm when training outside

What is worse than cold feet? I am already rolling into a ball every night so that for sure no toe hangs out of the blanket. resulting in a not very comfortable night. Or when I am doing Qigong outside and I can|t focuse on breathing, because I am focusing on my feet turning into Iceblocks. Well these socks could have helped xD While not in per se heating, they are keeping your feet warm with your own heat.

5. Chargeable Insoles

Just socks won’t do the job? Well how about getting Insoles too? Insoles you actually can charge sound even better. If these don”t keep feet toasty I don’t know what would!

6. Wireless heating jacket

While searching through Amazon I just realized there really is nothing that doesn’t exist. If you got electricity, you can get chargeable everything. Even a nice and sporty jacket. If I just would have known earlier xD

7. Stylish Hat with build in all-round-system 😉

How does protecting your head, while listening to music sound? Great if you have to run 10k every Friday. Saves you from potential headphones falling out or your ears freezing off when you are running. Even better they come Wireless, so no annoying cords tangling around.

8. Good old Thermos

Nothing more annoying than looking forward to sipping warm tea while training, but the tea is nearly frozen after 15 minutes outdoor training. It really is worth it to invest into a nice Thermos Cup, that will keep your drinks nice and helps prevent sore troth from sipping ice-cold water.


9. Simple, easy, efficient Heating Pads

While all of the other Gadgets are fancy and fun, sometimes a boring Heating Pad will do the job too. If you are exploring the city and you just need something small to keep your hands warm, it will do the job just perfect and they are usually super cheap too. Great thing about them? You can get reusable ones and do something good for the environment 🙂

Now there are so many more Gadgets for Winter Travel out there, but these 9 are my personal favorites and things I would consider investing in, depending if you are a Writer, Hiker or Tourist. 


Keep yourself warm and cozy and don’t let the cold get to you 🙂


Wishing you a sneeze-free Winter and talk to you soon!


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PPs. The pictures are Affiliate Links. If you click on them and order something from Amazon I will earn a small commision, which doesn’t affect your price. All of the products I linked to I did research before hand and would consider buying for myself.

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