What does a Day in Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy look like?

While one could think I am just Training in China, living in the middle of nowhere, not eating junk food, not drinking anything other than tea and water and meditating on rocks on my free time, that isn’t quite how life here is like.

Well maybe half of it is true, but our teachers have a great way of spicing things up. Weather it is by telling us we are going to make a spontaneous trip to a nearby mountain instead of training in like an hour or some of us will have a performance like tomorrow.

This is why I figured I take you on our trips to Maling Mountain, the probably only attraction that exists here on the countryside.

Bla boring? Well maybe…I had a pretty fun days out and this way I can introduce my fellow students a bit better. Plus it is kinda funny going out as a group here, because it always ends up with fotoshoots, as the Chinese visitors sometimes go a tad crazy.

If you ever want to know what it must be like to be a celebrity, going Sightseeing in rural areas will give you the answer. Let’s start shall we?




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