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My time in the Kungfu School for this year is coming to an end! No worries I will be back, but I am taking a bit of an break.

The main reason is I still got some tests to take at university and I also need to solve the problem with my headaches. Not to name that I got some great trips and tours planned, but more to that later 😉

So I finally get to hit the road again for a couple of days. Bye, bye rural China 😉

20th- 24th December – Beijing

(Hutongs, maybe the Great Wall again, but actually hiking it without a organized tour, Art District, Walking Tour through Legions Quarter and Microbreweries- No big sights, this time I am trying to get Beijing out of the eyes of a local. )

To be honest I don’t even like Beijing. It’s loud and noisy and horribly smoggy. It’s a constant battle not to pay twice the price as the locals and I am tired of being seen as a cash cow. So yeah I am a bit biased.

But being me, I can’t just say I hate a place, without at least giving it a second chance or in my case 4th chance. This time I strictly try to avoid the tourist scam areas and am going to dig for the local stuff. Already found out where the Couchsurfing meetings are, hopefully they got some great tips!

On the 24th – Flight Home

Yeah I am flying on Christmas Eve. I love traveling during the holiday season and I figured the best Christmas Present my family is going to get this year will be me 😉 Fingers crossed there will be no delays and I can eat Christmas Dinner at home at 7pm in Stuttgart 🙂 And I will let you know what the differences between holiday travel and non-holiday travel are.

28th-29th small trip in some of the local villages

Because Germany has great things to offer and sometimes when visiting a country, going local and into small communities can bring the biggest suprises ;) So that is exactly what I am trying to do this time^^

Nothing big, but I am really looking forward to my trip to Beijing (Food, People, Sights) and even more to my trip home. Nothing better then getting back home, knowing my room is still waiting, with my super soft bed and proper heating. Don’t even get me started with all the food =D.

Yes it’s time for me to get home again for a while, to rest, to plan, to work and to deliever you great new stories next year =)

So that’s my short update, to let you know what is going to be coming up this month !


Wishing you all a warm and peaceful pre-christmas time and lots of love from China!

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