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Did you research about coming to China to study Kung Fu? And did you stumble over some strange terms, which told you absolutely nothing at all?

Well let’s clear one of them up today!

What is the meaning of Gradings in Kung Fu Schools?

In the end it is pretty easy to figure out. The word already says it …one gets a grade.

But who is giving the grade and what for?!

In general Gradings are once a months or whenever you are leaving a Kung Fu School (this is in Schools for foreigners, I am not sure about the System in Chinese Schools, but I think they have a Evaluation System in place there too ).

You’ll have to perform the forms you learned in front of the Masters and the rest of the students. This has 3 reasons.

  1.  To evaluate your own skill – The grades tell you how well you performed and also the teachers usually will give you their Feedback on your Performance. This way you know where you stand and what you have to focus on and improve.
  2. A proof of what you learned – All of the Grades get written down and in the end of your stay you will get a certification letter, stating all the forms you learned and your gradings. This way it is easier to show others what exactly you have studied and you’ll have a valid document to show.
  3. To get over the fear of performing in front of people– Nobody likes to be judged and performing in front of others can be absolutely terrifying. I tend to blow performances, there is always some Kknd of big fat mistake I make, but it is slowly getting better 😉 Sometimes it helps to get “forced” to jump over your shadow ^^


Gradings are there to put on your nicest Kung Fu clothes and to show of your skills. They are a great preparation for Performances or contest and you get to watch all of your fellow students doing some absolutely amazing stuff.


Hope this helps you understand the term a bit better…nothing to be scared of and in fact quite useful.


By the way I got a tiny Video for you, which was the Grading in the Beginning of this month in the Maling Kung Fu Academy, where I am studying.

It is the Continious Fist Form, a beginner Shaolin Kung Fu Form, which some of my fellow students performed. Enjoy the Video and have a great day^^


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