Guestposting & Blogroll

Hello fellow Blogger =)

If you like my little Blog and you want to cooperate with me just sent me a Mail ^^

(This post is strictly for BLOGGER, if you are a BUSINESS please check my WORK WITH ME Page about the different types of advertisements I offer)

I’d be happy to add you to my Blogroll for a link back and I am also offering Guestposting and accepting these types of posts:

  1. General Travelstories (Inspirations, Packing, Tips and Tricks, Solo Travel ect.)
  2. Stories/Guides about China, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia,Romania.
  3. Post about Kung Fu
  4. Post about Martial Arts Training at home or in foreign country
  5. Fitness/Health Posts

In exchange you will get 1-2 link back to your page. One to your homepage and if you have any fitting posts 1 link back to these. Not to mention that I will promote the post on my Social Networks.^^

If you have any other suggestions of cooperation or you want to use any of my pictures or posts feel free to ask, I am sure we can find a fitting solution for both of us.

Heads on warning, if I find any copied content anywhere in the web I will sent you an Invoice or report you to Google.

Ok enough unpleasant topics 😉

If you like to work together with me, I am looking forward to hearing from you. It’s always great to meet new people, so don’t be shy, drop me a mail^^


Greetings and may the Force be with you,

Your Kungfuprincess 😉