First: Happy NEW YEAR everybody =) I know it isn’t so new anymore, but it had to be said!

If you are to lazy to read- here is a short Video in Düsseldorf giving you the short information. For more you gotta read 😉

I took quite a long break from writing.

But I needed it.

I had to figure out if writing this Blog really is what I want and had to refocus.

This is my first post for 2017 and I am glad to say I cleared my head and hell yeah writing is what I want to do and this year I am going to make it work for me !

So in my last post in December I talked about why I was going back to Germany and that I have some awesome Travel Plans, but said I still have to figure out the details. So far it looks like follow.

  1. Prague in Spring for a long weekend
  2. Ghent, Belgium in July for the big music festival- just one or two days- I got exams around those days
  3. August- Bike Tour through Germany – From Flensburg down to Bavaria – 5 weeks . I am calling it Project: Am I Germany – Who is Germany?! A Discovery Journey of Home!
  4. Middle of September – Back to China to my old Kungfu School for another 3 month
  5. Short visit of my aunt in Guangzhou, China

But yeah you read it right. I am finishing up with some of my law studies. I am making my “Zwischenprüfung”, which is not a Bachelor, but allows me to restart my studies at a later time. Which means I am not losing my last two years of university. I think I might finish my studies. Believe it or not Law is actually pretty interesting. I just don’t want to finish it NOW.

I want to travel to India and New Zealand first and I want to keep studying Kungfu.

Law can wait for a while longer! If I keep going there when I am 30, so be it =D

But just because I am back in University, doens’t mean I am stoping my training or traveling.

There will be a lot of Goddies from my surroundings coming Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Lake Constanz ect. Time to show the world that Germany is definitly worth a trip 😉

Also I started a 21-Days Fitness Challenge with my sister.

I want to get stronger and define my muscles more and my sister wants to lose weight.

We are going to do a Video Diary, so that you can watch us suffer 😉 But I am also already working on Videos of the whole Challenge for you to follow along, if you like the results we are reaching. The first post of the Diary will go live tomorrow!

What else?!

There are still some posts I have prepared about Beijing and China and my last Days in my Kungfu School, which will come live this month.

Otherwise please be patient with me. Because of my exams I won’t be posting quite as regulary! But I will try twice a week =)


Thank you for reading my posts and being part of my journey.

You guys mean the world to me!


Lots of love

Sabine, aka Kungfuprincess on the Road 😉

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