I thought it was about time to make use of my planning abilities and instead of just planning my own, I will now be planning your holidays ,too.

I am offering this new service on Fiverr.

Why struggle with finding all the information and not just leave it to somebody who has been doing this for years.

I will make you a 2-Days Itinerary with the most important sights (according to your interests and budget) and even search for Hotel/Hostel options and public transport information for you.

To make the deal even better I will include lunch options close to the sights and some nightlife options.

Now come on doesn’t that all sound pretty fabulous?! I will be doing all the hard work for you and you just have to enjoy the ride.

The only thing you have to do is tell me where you are heading, your budget and your interests (are you more a nature type or are museums your home, maybe you are interested in the unusual places or you like pretending to be a local)

You name it and I will find it, if it is possible in the place you are heading too.

Don’t expect wonders, I can’t do magic! BUT I can get you a solid and fun Itinerary which will save you loads of work!

If you are interested in me helping you out with your travel plans, head over to Fiverr and book me.

Fiver: Travel Itinerary

Otherwise feel free to contact me on my blog if you are interested in a special deal. I am sure we can work something out, especially if you need help planning longer holidays.

Have a lovely day and I am looking forward to working with you =)

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