Who are we to ask other woman to show their skin, even if they are not comfortable with it.

Who are we to demand from mothers or elderly people to stick to our very free clothing styles, when they were brought up in a completely different society.

Are we now going to tell the elderly lady on the streets she has to take down her scarf around her head and the nun has to get out of her habit?

What the fuck does anybody even care what other people wear?

It ain’t your business!

Let’s be honest, people are not worried about woman not showing skin. They are worried about how openly they show that they have different values and how openly they stand to their believes.

Because omg they are different and different scares the shit out of them!

But that is what they are entitled too!

We have freedom of religion and personal freedom.

We should be proud to have it!

It is one of the core values of our constitution.

As long as nobody asks me to wear a Burka it isn’t any of my business what somebody else wears.

How insane is it to ask of a woman at the beach to get nearly naked when she is clearly not comfortable with it. I call that borderline sexual harassment.

And did anybody ever consider that by banning a Burkini from the Beach, we as a society are actually excluding a part of our people from taking part in these activities. We are excluding them from social events, because they are different, instead of integretating them.

I actually think the Burkini is brilliant.

While I was in Highschool many of my muslim friends weren’t comfortable in taking part in swimming classes and often skipped, especially if the classes were mixed with Boys. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Values concerning sexuality and nudity are something very personal and it is all right if they differ. Click To Tweet

With a Burkini, these girls get the chance to take part in classes and it opens up doors for a bit more covered swimwear. I knew quite a few people who were not Moslem but highly uncomfortable in normal swimwear. They would have liked something that covered up more.

Hell, I prefer wearing Surfershorts for swimming, simply because a Bikini sucks big time if you have to jump into the water. Then I don’t have to worry about anything peeking out.

Another example is an Indian friend of mine.

She is not Islamic, but Hinduist and she always went swimming with a suit, covering most of her body. She simply felt a lot more comfortable with it. And so what??!

Why the fuck does anybody have to show their skin, if they don’t feel like it.

We got so used to the whole running around half naked. I do love my Bikinis and swimsuits, but so what, maybe not everybody is as comfortable or confident to wear one. You simply can’t ask people to go naked! Or are you going to ask that of your grandmother the next time you bring her to a beach too???

Or do I have to take my tunic off at the Beach, even though I got a fat, mean sunburn on my shoulder and just wanted to protect them from the sun?? So I lost my right to sit at the beach?

Isn’t it funny that when the Bikini first arrived people pretty much had the same reaction to it, then they now have to the Burkini.

Sometimes I think humans just have to pick something they are against.

Considering how small the percentage of woman is that wear a Burka or Burkini, I definitely don’t get what the fuss is all about. There is more nuns wearing a habit in Germany, which I think is the same old-fashioned prudishness. Just one is Christian and the other one Islamic.

What also makes me wonder, is how something so utterly unimportant as clothing, can become more important than finding ways to help immigrants to settle in.

Who the fuck gives a fuck about what a woman wears.

If she wants to wear it let her!

If she doesn’t well then give her a couple of years in Germany, where she is under German Law and see if she will take it off or not.

Assuming that she is hiding a bomb under it is ridiculous.

Are you going to start checking people in big coats, hoodies or who look pregnant too? Could be that the baby belly is just a hidden bomb!

Fear is driving every reason out of society. Click To Tweet

You have to understand that some of these woman come from societies where leaving the house without a Burka can have severe consequences.

So maybe some of them are forced to wear it by their man, some may like it because they are proud of their religion (Remember our Nuns in monasteries) and other may have to get used to the possible freedom they might enjoy in Europe and then some maybe just stick with it because it reminds them of home.

Even if they where fleeing, home always will be home and it never is easy leaving everything you know behind!

In Germany f.e. are about 500-800 woman who where a Burka- We are having 82 million people!

Why the heck do we have to discriminate such a small minority?

Because they are an easy target for our own fears, which is, sorry for my language, absolutely retarded.

I agree that in certain cases, the Burka has to be removed for face identifications. Also in certain jobs, where face to face contact is important, a Burka wouldn’t be acceptable.

But what any of these woman do in their free time is none of our business.

And I still don’t get why it is against feminism to cover up.

If I remember feminism is all about acting and wearing whatever a woman feels like, but we just changed it all around, didn’t we?

We are still not free!

As soon as you are different, society will tell you again what you should and shouldn’t be wearing!

But this time they cover it up by telling you, you just can be a free woman by showing of skin.

What a utter Bullshit!

Let’s finish this up with a nice quote which I translated from a German News Article:

They want that we fit into ideologies. I am an able, independent woman. My body is my temple and I decide to whom I want to show it!



Stop fussing about clothing world and get to the actual serious issues like hunger, death, war, school systems and work!


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