And here we go, I have to get fit, badly.

This is the Video Introduction.

No time, just read my summary then 😉 Down below are all the links to the apps and the book I am using.

In not even one month I will be going back to China and train 6 hours daily and I won’t just train anything, nope I will be training Shaolin Kungfu and I have the feeling I will get my ass kicked.

This means time to train.

So I figured out a 30 Day Fitness Challenge for myself, but there is one catch, I have to try this while trying to spent no extra money on this. (You know poor student 😉 )

So I decided to use Apps, Youtube and my world favorite book.

The Apps I use will be:

Zombie Run (the only paid app)

30 Day Fit (free)

Sworkit (free)

Freeletics (free)

Runkeeper (free)

Some of these Apps have paid versions, but I will just be using the free once, which I hope will still do the job 😉

The Book I will use:

Which is absolutely awesome and during the next 30 Days I will introduce the exercises I use from the book.

Besides those I will be using Youtube.

But here I do not really know which Videos I will be using, but no worries I will share each day what I used and how it worked.

So how much Sport are we talking about?

The aim is 3-4 hours daily, but I am busy, so I have to squeeze in the Sport sessions whenever I have some free time.

1 hour in the morning, preferably Yoga or Pilates for stretching and maybe the first App Workout.

1 hour during the day. During work breaks, lunch or when I have to wait somewhere 10-15 minutes.

And 1-2 hours in the evening. This is the time where I will go for a run, start a boxing session and do my Shaolin exercises.

Let’s see how this will all work out.


Why don’t you join me? Get one of the Apps and start with me and keep me updated on how it is going for you. Together it is much more fun 😉


Otherwise enjoy watching me torturing myself for the next 30 days 😛

See ya tomorrow !

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