Let me help you figure out how to get into Milan from the Airport.

If you are flying into Milan with Ryanair, chances are good that you are flying into Bergamo Airport instead of directly to Linate .

(If you land in Linate, simply hop onto Bus number 73 into the city. Linate is tiny, but well-connected to the public bus system and the metro. With your ticket you should be able to get onto the Metro. The tickets are usually valid for 90 minutes. Simply try to insert the ticket by the gate, then you will notice if it works or not. Otherwise Day Tickets can be bought for 4.50 Euros (24hours valid) at the Metro.)

There is a third Airport for international flights, but that one is as well very good connected with buses and you are able to ask at the information desk for help!

Bergamo is a city a bit away from Milan, but it was super easy to get to Milan.

By the way small tip, if you buy anything to drink at one of the wending machines inside of the picking your bag up area, it is a lot cheaper than outside in the small stores. If I remember it right one bottle water was just 75 cents, compared to the 2.10 Euros outside.

Ok back to topic. Simply exit the airport. It is super tiny.

There will be several buses parked. I think I saw at least three different companies. You can either buy the ticket on the bus or online.

All of them cost 5 Euros One-Way. If you buy a return ticket too you pay 9 Euros.

The buses drive you to Milan Central Station, from where you will easily get around Milan. But careful as so often nowadays the train area isn’t the safest, keep good watch of your valuables and keep away from the drunks that may sit around at the exits.

The only difference between the buses was that one company offered Wifi and they also had slightly more comfortable seats. It stands in big letters on the Bus that they offer Wifi, they also look slightly more modern, while the others are pretty normal Travel Buses.

The buses leave frequently. So whenever you exit there should be one or more leaving soon.

When you want to get back from Milan to the Airport, the last bus seems to leave at 12 am, but the first already leaves at 3.10 am. So the connection to the airport is absolutely amazing.

And that is pretty much all you need to know =) Have a good flight and let me know if you are having any questions.

If you want to know more about my Milan holidays, check back in a couple of days, when I uploaded my pictures and my next posts =)


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into milan from the airport
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