Have you heard of “Cosplay” yet?

(Cosplay = Costume Play)

I have to confess I knew a bit about it, because I like to read my Mangas and watch an Anime from time to time, but I never really dared to go to a Cosplay Convention.

These festivals are crazy and I thought just Hard Core fans would go there. So I feared I would totally embarrass myself, because I have really not much knowledge about the cosplay scene.

But a couple of weeks ago my sister asked me if I would want to come along with her.

I was curious and why not? Time to face the challenge 😉

But I needed to come up with a quick and easy costume. Some great ideas are Sailor Moon, Pokemon Trainer (which I went for), a Pokemon (my sister was Pikachu) or Erza from Fairy Tail or maybe a Bleach or any Highschool Manga, as they usually just wear uniforms…these are fairly simple to make for yourself.

Because I rrefused to buy a ready-made costume, that kinda defeats the purpose. I would rather go without a costume then, which is ok too, there where many watching the others, you don’t have to dress up. But just don’t be one of the 30 other Pikachu’s in the same big fluffy suit…it kinda gets old.

#1 Rule:

Either dress up with a handmade costume, pick a simple one it doesn’t need to be fancy, just make it your own or don’t dress up, if that isn’t really your thing and just enjoy the show.

When we went to Düsseldorf, the weather was still ok and it was quite warm (it was an outdoor festival), but at some point it became really cold and it was raining cats and dogs. Needless to say that our costumes looked quite crappy afterwards.

#2 Rule:

Take a change of clothes with you. Some costumes are simply not comfy or other times you might want to get out of them for any other reason.

So do yourself a favor and take a set of normal clothes with you in your backpack^^

#3 Rule:

Don’t take pictures without asking for permission. Nothing is more creepy than people running around and secretly taking pictures from other people. If you like a costume, go to the person and ask if it is ok for you to take a picture.

Most will be happy about it and it is simply the polite thing to do.

#4 Rule:

Pleaaaaaaase don’t take a “Free HUGS” sign with you. There are tons of people running around with these, while they were somehow a cute idea a couple of years ago, they are a bit of a pain now. Especially for some of them I really felt bad after a time, because there was noooooo way that they would be getting a hug from me, for different reasons. 

Don’t just do it because everybody is doing it, it gets boring if everybody goes for it.

#5 Rule:

Have Fun! That is the last thing I want to give you on the road. Have fun and be open, even a total noob like me, who knows not more than 5 mangas can have a great time there.

Talk with the people, take pictures together and tell others if you like their costumes, that is the best compliment for their hard work^^

My sister and me we went to the Japan Day in Düsseldorf, which is once every year at the Rhine. There where many different stands with Japanese Food, Crafts, Toys and so on. It was alright to see, I was hopping for some typical Japanese Games, like the Paperfishing, but sadly they didn’t have those.

But you got a bit of an insight into the culture and well then there where the thousands of dressed up Cosplayer’s.

I felt like I just stumbled straight into another world. But seeing Madara hanging out with Naruto still kind of weirder me out a bit… (they are enemies in the Manga).

cosplay convention

How beautiful is her cosplay? Totally loved it =)

I loved the atmosphere, just had the special feel

I loved the atmosphere, just had the special feel

The cutest Pikachu ever!!!

The cutest Pikachu ever!!!


Hilda Cosplay, simple annd easy

Hilda Cosplay, Pokemon, simple and easy =)

I for myself am definitely not a real Cosplayer, but it was fun to dip my toes into the subject and I enjoyed the experience. =)


Have  you cosplayed yet? What did you dress up as? Any favorite costume you want to share with us?

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