Can you believe it? Just one more week and I am going to tour in my Bike through Germany 🙂

Remember this isnt just for fun, I want to raise money to support Amnesty International and work together with you to make this world a better place 🙂

But back to todays topic.

Here is how to prepare your bike for a long Tour!

First of, check the requirements the country you tour in requests for safety.

Yes some countries, like Germany, have certain rules for your bikes safety. 

Ok now that you are aware on what your bike definitely has to have let’s go through this, one by one.

  1.  If your bike has been standing for a long time, pump air back into your wheels a couple of days in advance and check if they lose pressure over the next hours. If they do, don’t just repare them. A repair is a temporary fix, it’s not meant to last. Get a new tube and replace the old. They are not so expensive and will most likely save you headaches in the tour.
  2. Check the profile of your wheels. Do they still have enough grip or is it gone? Remember tours go over all kind of roads, and you don’t want to start sliding on sand. Change them if needed.
  3. Next check your brakes, is there still enough profile in the Brake Blocks? In short do they do their Job? Otherwise you might need to change the blocks, or sometimes its the cable that came lose or jumped out of its holdings. Simply push it back in or fasten it at the screws.
  4. For how much weight ist your luggage rack? Those touring bags can be heavy. If you need to either buy a proper rack or enforce your old one.
  5. Clean your Bike, I know it will get all dirty again, but this way you can check for rust. If you find any treat IT with some oil, to protect it from rain and further rusting.
  6. Oil your chains. They will run much smoother, but also be protected from Water.
  7. Tighten the screw for your your Seat and petals.
  8. Check if your lights are still working. The last thing you want is for somebody not to see you in the dark, that would be a sad end for your tour!
  9. Check your Bell.
  10. Get a comfy seat or cushion to pull over your Seat, you will spent a lot of hours in it.

And that’s it. You are good to go. If you don’t want to do this yourself or you don’t have anybody to help you, you can get Professional help. Most Bike Stores offer checks and you can get a professional opinion for your tour =)

prepare your bike for a long tour

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See you on the road 😉

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