Hey my friends. I am back again for some fun tips in how I remember my vacation 🙂

I man, nothing sucks more than looking back and noticing you forgot half of your trip already. And let’s be honest how often do you look back through all those pics in your Laptop?

So this one will be a quick one.

3 Things to do to remember your Travel Adventures!

  1. Have a small Holiday Diary. No need to mention every little detail, but the time at the Airport/Trainstation is perfect to write down the most memorable experiences. Online or in a small book. I prefer the book option, because I can doodle there 😀
  2. Make memory jars. I love this idea and already sorted out all my tickets, maps ect. to finally get started. If you don’t know what it is supposed to look like, check out this lovely Blog =). Now I would definitly just pick the most important ones and write a little note to all of them, so that it is more clear what memories the single things represent.
  3. Do it the old-fashioned way and print your favorite pictures or make a themed Picture Book. Which I just did, last week 🙂 It’s about my journey as a traveller. My milestones you could say 🙂 I used Saal-Digital (German Company)* and was amazed by how fast they where, 2 Days later I had my book. The software was super easy to use and not confusing (thank god, because I hate it when the options are unclear). The only thing I regret is taking the not shiny pics. The black and white pics look awesome, but the color ones lack something. Noted for my next photobook 🙂 And I will definitely just use pics that have a very good quality, because the ones where it said just “good” are a tad blurry :/ Lesson learned. Still love looking through these 😀 They are a tad pricey, but the quality of the pages made ist totally worth it 🙂 It makes looking at the pictures fun! Love it when I have something in my hands and not just on screen =)
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How do you remember your holidays? Why not share your tips with us or leave a link to your projects, I would love to add some more things to the list =)


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*Thanks to Saal-Digital for letting me try out their product. But even so all of the above opinions are strictly mine and come from my experience with the product =)

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