Ever felt like everything your touching is failing and like you do not even know where to start anymore?

I have neglected my Baby, my blog, and now with Corona happening, I actually was forced to sit still for a moment with no excuses to keep on ignoring it (This horrible sickness, might actually have a positive effect on my life). So yes I am back for good!


Let me shortly explain why I have been running away from my blog. I was just really lost.


1. I didn’t want to write about my Bike tour, because of very personal reasons, which I wasn’t ready to face and write about.

2. I dislocated my arm while training in China and it felt like I was going to have to give up on my dream because of my bad knees, which where the reason for my fall onto my arm.

3. I was suffering under immense headaches in India during a month of Yoga Classes, which I hoped would fix my knee issues.

4. I came to New Zealand and drifted around and it felt like I was just wasting time and not really saving money, so that i could head back to China.

 5. I managed to break my middle foot while surfing on my last week in New Zealand and it had to be re-broken and operated and when it finally was healed I somehow splintered my knee and was in pain for months. 

6. Lastly my knees can’t be operated, unless I am ok with 2 years of recovery time.



And so I fell into this deep hole, which just kept getting worse, because where was I supposed to start? Where am I to go from here? It’s like I just have thousands of question marks and so many paths. I  am a bit lost at the moment.

I was just going to give up on this Blog – my Baby. I mean I am not really earning money with this. But just giving up so much hard work?!


SO I started really questioning my motives. Why did I start blogging? Why did I enjoy it?


  • I love to learn new stuff and tweak around with designs.
  • I want to share my experiences and ideas.
  • I know I can help other going through similar situations

And this whole time I never really took a complete break. I wrote so many things down. Projects, Ebook Ideas, Online Courses. But I just wrote them down. I couldn’t get myself to take action. It felt like this super heavy weight on my chest every time I thought about my website and starting again.

But I am done. I am clawing myself out of this hole and I know this Blog has helped me so much before, to keep my goals in mind and keep pushing towards them.

I won’t ignore it anymore. All those tears, sweat and long nights I have poured into this little piece of online pixels in a tiny little corner in the world-wide-web, can’t be for nothing.

I am back for good.

Keep your eyes and ears open for my Meditation Series, New Zealand Travel Tips- for when Corona is over and lots of fun Kungfu Training Tips and Tricks =) And I am working on finally getting a new functional layout!

I am honestly really excited to get started again.

Lots of love, from someone who finally decided to live her dream again =)


And just because it is important- stay at home and protect the people you love and yourself by doing so 😉

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