You maybe already heard about it =)

Just a couple of weeks ago I had my first ever interview. It was all about my Travels and the cute lil’ Blog I am writing here.

I know I should have written this post straight away, but you know how it goes…Life happens and well China and the Firewall are sometimes just very frustrating. But well still going to share the link with you know 😉

The Interview can be found on the page of a fellow Travelblogger. He just calls himself The Guy and has two Blogs, one just for interviews of fellow Travelers and then his own Travelblog. He has seen so many places and his page offers some awesome tips and tricks as well as loads of inspiration. If you are curious just have a look here at his blog.

And now finally, here is my INTERVIEW.

Just head over there if you like and tell me what you think about it =)

Have a lovely day and happy traveling !

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