Dublin oh Dublin!

Just a year ago I strolled through your streets and for some reason I really didn’t like you quite as much as the rest of Ireland.

Sometimes you just love a city and other times you don’t. But I started editing my Videos (I know right, I am about a year to late…but I had to get used to the Software and was waiting for my sis to keep the promise and help me…well I figured it finally all out by myself.)

Going through the old pictures and Videos I figured I at least offer a small introduction to Dublin, which is after all still the Capital of Ireland. So there came my “Impressions of Dublin” Video.

Some quick Infos before you watch the Video:

First Hostels are plenty and reasonable priced. Still I would advice you to book at least a couple of days ahead, especially in the summer season.

Our Hostel was right at the river and we just had to cross the “Half a Penny” Bridge to get to the super popular and crowded area Temple Bar.

What can I say, we didn’t really do much sightseeing. We went for a free walking tour from the Hostel, which I definitely recommend. They guides know what they are talking about and if you want insider information about great places to eat and drink they are the perfect source.

Otherwise we just got settled and prepared for the rest of the journey, like getting tescos simcards…super cheap and great extras, even calling home to germany just cost us a couple of cents.

We chilled in the park, visited the Art Museum and strolled through market in Temple Bar, which is always on Saturday.

Foodwise we tried out fancy stuff from the market and cheap eat around. We even cooked a little bit something in our Hostel.

What can I say, Dublin just didn’t get to me. I am sure it is plenty awesome to go out. But people seem stressed and it has this strange vibe. Just wasn’t my place to be.

And finally the Video: Impressions of Dublin!

Enjoy =)

Do you know more about Dublin or any secret Tips you want to share with me for the next time. Help me grow to love that city and leave a comment 😉

Keep on rocking and talk to you soon =)

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