Ups I did it again 😀

Remember one of my first posts about Japanday in Düsseldorf?

Ok it actually was more on how to have a blast at a Cosplay Convention and I did get hooked last time. So this year when my sister asked me if I wanted to come along again, I just couldn’t help myself.

First of I love dressing up, second I love being creative and third I love it if my efforts get honored 😉

So I dressed up as Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale.

The whole Kungfutraining really paid of for the posing and I really didn’t expect to get that much attention for this Cosplay, but true way to feel like a celebrity 😉

While most comments where positive, there was now and then a comment I just strictly ignored.

Which is why I am a tad disappointed in this scene. For such a lovely creative community, people really judge a lot. I mean hey it doesn’t matter what body you have, everybody should be allowed and respected to play whoever they want to portrait.

Even some Cosplayers themselves let out mean comments about too short skirts or not handmade cosplays or that this is wrong or that!

But luckily those negative comments where few and I chose not to let myself be bothered by it. I think there is something like creative freedom when designing a Cosplay 😉

But enough talking, how about I simply show you some of my favorite pictures of this awesome Japanday in Düsseldorf? Maybe I will see you at there next year?!

Because I am really hooked on this colorful and fun community^^

There are not many pictures, because I didn’t take my camera with me, just didn’t quite fit the Cosplay 😉


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