I am officially done now.

I am on holidays in sunny Guangzhou and on my way to Chinas tropical island Hainan to relax, work on my writing and especially to warm up my frozen bones.

But wait?

Which Kungfu School did I pick now? What happened in Dengfeng? Which one will it be?

Ohhhm well it is actually a school I haven’t visited yet. As I said earlier Chinese New Year killed my Travel plans and I didn’t manage to visit all the schools on my list...I missed several schools, one being Maling Shaolin Kungfu School in Jiangsu Province.

But thankfully there is a thing called email and after many long mails I decided to take the risk and simply apply.

They are from the style close to Middle Kingdom, but seem to be a tad different and more what I am looking for, in meaning of making a living later with Kung Fu.

If everything goes well I will stay and train at the school from March 22th on.

The next week I am hanging around in South China and then I finally head home for a month to visit my family and friends and to stock up on German Chocolate 😉

I didn’t leave Dengfeng completely without results.

I love the atmosphere of the place and I will hopefully train there sometime in the future, but first I have to learn more Chinese and also get some decent basics, otherwise Dengfeng is a waste of money and energy. If you do not speak Chinese you get immediately into the tourist box and then with my fitness at the moment I would go down in one of the schools there.

So the aim is clear, build a good base and then we will take it from there next year. Maybe I will stay in the school (you never know, maybe this is the most amazing place ever), maybe I will move to another one or maybe I dare to make the jump to Dengfeng.

That’s the thing with China, you never know what happens next, so planning ahead doesn’t make sense. I’ve met people who met their next Shifu (teacher) in the park.

But I am ready for the adventure and it feels like this big burden is finally lifted of my shoulders. I have found something, the next year is settled (if I ain’t running away screaming the first week of training, which I doubt 😉 ).

I will train at Maling Kungfu School!

Gosh I am now totally excited. I have ached to get back into training for nearly three years now and finally it is happening.

I finally can make a huge step towards my dream.

So yeah I found my school and now I can finally enjoy the beach and the good Cantonese food and what the hell, right now, without the stupid burden of not knowing what will happen next, I freaking love my life 😀



Ps. I am working on a page where I will list all the schools I came in contact with during the last two weeks to give you an overview. Hopefully out by next week^^


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