I visited my first school today, the Middle Kingdom School, close to Tai’an in the Shandong Province.

And I have to say it was a great day.

I imagined it to be much scarier, because most schools are not used to a little foreign girl, traveling around and just trying out schools without committing straight away.

Here I am basically window shopping myself through Chinas Kungfu School s.

Usually you will get pressured into deciding, but not here.

They seemed to be perfectly happy with just showing me the school, letting me eat with the students and even train with them in the afternoon.

Gotta say they already left a great impression.

The area is stunning, in the summer that place must be absolutely beautiful. Clean air, Mountains in the background and a nice school area with ponds and lots of cherry trees.

There is a pool room, table tennis and even a common area. I mean yes you are on the countryside, but the school cares so much for you that you are actually offered some entertainment.Thumbs up.

The hall is tiny, but I guess as soon as it gets warmer training will be outside and they are good equipped.

The toilets where ok…don’t expect it to be suuuuuper clean. You are still
in China, this place is still far more luxerious than some others I have seen ;).

The Sanda Trainer is brilliant. This guy actually won competitions and well now I have the proof, whatever I learned before is crap. There is no other way to put it, but I guessed that much already. Here I actually could learn on how to become a decent Sanda Fighter. He can show me the proper stances and techniques…who would have thought that there are so many
more ways to practice Take-Downs. Training in short was bloody brilliant.

I even got a T-Shirt as a present. Big yeahi for bribery. I love it =D

But after all this amazingness. Why am I not packing my stuff and moving in immediately?

Firstly they don’t have a Shaolin Teacher at the moment. I am pretty sure they will have one soon and after what I saw in the school I also think that he will be pretty much amazing. They have a hand for picking good ones =)

But well it is China…and the thing always is, that you just never really know for sure, until it happens.

The next big drawback is that most students are staying short-term. I mean some obviously stay longer, but a constant switch of students was also a problem I had with my former school. It is hard to get to a certain level with new ones popping in every couple of weeks.

I think this Kungfu School is one of the best you can possibly pick if you want to train short-term, maybe a couple of month or half a year.

But I am not sure if it can help me on my way to become a coach myself.

I know that even the idea sounds laughable to most Chinese people. Usually they start training in young ages, with 5 to 8 years, some even with 4 years.

But that wasn’t possible for me. I know I will never ever be as good as they are, but that does not mean that I can not be a good teacher. Because I think a coach needs more than just physical skills. At least I have to try.

Well and to become a coach that gets accepted by the German Folks or wherever I decide to settle down I need a bit more proof of my skills then a certificate. I have to take part in competitions. Even if it is just for the experience and I also aim to get the Duanwei Grading.

It sucks, the one thing I love about Wushu is that they don’t have a stupid Belt System.

You are as good as you are, no Forms or breaking boards can judge you.

You are on a never-ending journey.

But to get acknowledged at home I have to get the stupid belts.

Back to the school…it is definitely high on my list. Just a year to get back into shape maybe. I loved the people and the atmosphere and the surroundings. I am just not quite sure yet if it will be my school.

I will need some time to think about it.


By the way if you are wondering. I am writing this not as advertisement. I don’t get anything out of it. I am writing this because it is part of my journey and also because I really liked the school and people. I felt immediately welcome there and it is honestly a great place to go to if you are interested in trying out Kung Fu (they offer different styles).


(Ps. If you are wondering why I didn’t take any pictures, check out their website there are plenty…and I still feel kinda weird asking if I can take pictures. Really have to shrug off this picture shyness and start snapping. Not that anybody in China will even care, they always take loads of pictures xD)

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