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Who Am I?

Kungfuprincess about me

Short BIO

I am the person getting itchy when I stay too long at one place.

The One always dreaming about empty beaches, steep mountains, exotic food, historical monuments.

And it all started with an exchange year in Indiana, USA when I was 16 years old and the first time on the road without my family.

The traveling fever grabbed me and didn’t let me go anymore. I did several smaller trips with friends or family (France, Spain, London, Romania, Rome, Berlin, Venice, China)

With 19 I worked 6 month as a volunteer in Scotland, visited my host parents in the States, spent 2 month in Singapore with my aunt and had my first proper backpacking trip to Malaysia (you can read about it here).

With 20 I lived for 9 month in China, training martial arts and traveling the country.

I came back to Germany and listened to my parents. I started studying law, but it just didn’t feel right. So I decided to toss all securities over board.

I was dying to get back onto the road again.

So after a Road Trip to Ireland, I am back in China.

I am finally doing what I love.

I am taking a break from law!

Yes you heard me right. I am giving up the money and safe future, to travel the world instead and to learn what I truly want to do for the rest of my life.

I want to become a Martial Arts trainer!!!

I will truly become a Kungfuprincess, or at least I will try 😉

This blog is here to inspire you to follow your heart, wherever it may lead you.

I want to share with you what I learned on my travels.

I will upload videos showing you hidden gems, make little guides for you about my favorite destinations, tell you about the food you have to try and places where you can sleep.

Also I am planning to make a “Wushu-Bootcamp” video series, for everybody who always wanted to become a warrior monk 😉 and will try to give you all the info you need if you decide to come to China to train ( be patient this will take some time)

All in all I simply want to take you on a journey through the world, fitness challenges, amazing adventures and inspire you to find your very own path and to live the life you always wanted.

Enjoy my Blog =)

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I am sure you noticed English isn’t my mother language (yeah who would have guessed 😉 ) If you find any mistakes, which I am sure you will (still working on my writing skills), please tell me. I really would appreciate the help.