Well there is one thing we Ladies really loved during our Exchange Semester in Shanghai.

Imagine you get to wear your nicest dresses, some awesome heels and while sipping Champagne you have a night view over one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world.

Welcome to Shanghai is all I can say to this and welcome to the Ladies Night in the Shanghai world Financial Center, up on the 93 Floor in the Park Hyatt Bar.

Commonly known as THE Ladies Night at the Bottle Opener (That’s how that building looks like, no kidding).

If that one isn’t blowing your mind, I am not sure what would. The view is pretty much stunning and for once you are going to be where usually just the richest of the rich hang out (even if you are always on budget like me, you’ll feel what it would be like to rule the world, a little bit intoxicating).

Every Wednesday from 8.30-10.30 there is free Champagne for the Ladies and free entry. Guys pay 100 Rmb entry and the cocktail prices are somewhere between 80Rmb to a lot.

The music usually picks up after 9.30 and the party gets started. If you are there,
go and have a look at the bathrooms…just saying fancy technology 😛


PICTURES at the BOTTOM of this page from my last Ladies Night at the Bottle Opener 😉


Otherwise it isn’t the only ladies night. Try Barbarossa , also on Wednesdays for some cocktails in a chilled atmosphere (the cocktails are not the strongest, but the location is perfect for a after-work chat).

On Thursdays head to Bar Rouge, but warning here, that Cocktail was a tad gross. Still usually quite decent music and a great outdoor space.

There are many more Ladies Nights spread over the city…Usually bars offer special deals under the week and from 6-8 you often have Happy Hours. Some places even have Gentlemen Nights (Yes you heard it right guys, this city takes care of everybody ;))


But these are just some examples of the Nightlife in Shanghai.

While it can be absolutely amazing and you literally could party every day for free, if you know a good promoter.

It also can become a tad fake and boring even.

The clubs where you can enter for free usually play the same horrible music, sometimes you wonder what the Dj is actually for. The Alcohol is more often some cheap fake then the real thing and well as a foreigner you are the flytrap supposed to attract all the rich Chinese people to the clubs.

In short a club isn’t hip if there are no foreigners, that’s why we get in for free.

Most of the times, at least when you are more girls than guys and when you are white.

We had to smuggle a Japanese friend of one of the girls in. We waited all and entered together with him kind of in the middle, otherwise they might would have made him pay for the entry and everything.

Well yeah discrimination doesn’t make a halt in the entertainment business, it helps if you speak foreign languages. Generally as a girl you never really have to worry too much.

Did I still go to the clubs with the free entry?

Yeah I did, shame on me. But nobody really wanted to bother to search for other places, I really didn’t want to go somewhere alone and well free is free, and we were all students 😉

(I know I could have asked around, researched and met new people to go out with, but then Party really wasn’t on top of my agenda this year. So don’t judge 😛 )

I often stayed at home, while the rest of the group went out to Party. I don’t know, after going to Mint, M2, Bar Rouge, Unico and Barbarossa once or twice, I was kind of done with these places.

Always the same.

Once or twice a month all right, but I think I prefer hanging out at Perrys, Helens or Window’s sipping on a beer and listening to at least some fun music and I have a slight crush onto the bar street “YonKang Lu”. So this is where I will go next week, as soon as I am over this awful cold I am having right now. You always find the gems at the end of your stay somewhere-.- .

What can I say I guess I am simply not a Clubbing Girl, even if I love dancing. But I will try out Monkey Champagne soon, it is said to be a Hip-Hop Club.

Maybe that one will blow my mind as much as the Ladies Night in Park Hyatt.

Shanghai is indeed a city that never sleeps. You can start in the afternoon and keep on going till the early morning. No matter what you like, whether the high-class club or the cheesy student bar, Shanghai has something to offer for you.

Btw. even if you would go out every day into a different Bar, Karaoke Bar or Club, you still wouldn’t be able to try them all 😉 (Just saying there are 5 Perry’s 😉 )

So get dressed, take some money for the Taxi and the STREETFOOD (the best hangover cure ever- btw. those fried noddles should never cost you more then 10 Rmb, otherwise they are ripping you off 😉 ) and you are ready to go.

Explore the Ladies Nights in Shanghai & the Nightlife and figure out if this city really never sleeps 😉

Ps. Yes there is a bit of a Dress Code for most places. Ladies nice clothes and Gents no Flip-Flops and careful with the Sneakers 😉

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