Whom I should know better. What did I RE-learn? Always pre book train and bus tickets in China .

I have been lazy lately. Usually in the winter time you always get a ticket, but spring festival is coming up soon.

One of these things I should know better. It is China after all. There are millions
of people living in the cities and even if just a few travel, it is still a lot.

So why then do I always forget to pre-book my train and bus tickets?

It’s the first thing one should do, when arriving at a new destination. You figure out how long you want to stay and then you book your ticket away, as soon as you arrive.

Otherwise you might be stuck at one place for quite a long time.

Well I managed to forget this golden rule already twice. Which lead to me being stuck for one more night in Yantai, which actually strangely was a good thing, but
that’s a different story and I was just stuck in Qingdao.

I had planned to leave on Thursday, latest on Friday…but ended up leaving on Sunday.

Thank god I finally jumped over my shadow and booked with ctrip, otherwise I
maybe still would be sitting in Qingdao.

Ctrip dear friends is actually amazing, if you overlook the fact that you have to
buy this stupid extra hotel coupon with your booking. This coupon costs 30rmb, but will give you a 50rmb off if you book certain hotels with the coupon sign over ctrip. Well at least if that one night will cost you more then 200 otherwise.

But you know what I will use this coupon, because after I am done with this search and am lying on the beach, I will splurge! 1 or 2 nights in a nice Hotel with Breakfast and a comfy bed, hot shower and slippers. *daydreaming*

But back to the lesson.

Move your ass over to the Bus/Train Station at least one, better two days in advance. Otherwise you might be stuck at a place or you will have standing tickets for a 18 hour long ride (I had those before on my way to Harbin, read about it here).

And during the spring festival month and the golden week in October, better a whole week in advance xD

Sometimes I really could curse myself for being so lazy xD

I learned ALWAYS prebook your next destination when traveling in China if you are planning on seeing all that is on your list.

Yes, I learned it…I think 😉

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Never miss out again on an adventure!

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