Just here for a nice short Quicky. I am going to leave tonight or tomorrow morning to have my first Sanda fight.

I am absolutely not prepared, was sick last week with a very upset stomach and major migraines and now guess what I am having my period. If there could have been any worse timing I do not know. It’s like my Body just tells me to if you already want this fight so bad, you gotta work twice as hard on it.

Figuring with all that happened the last week in my family (My Grandmother died) it seems like now just wouldn’t be the right time for a fight. But then there is always life happening. Things go wrong, stuff happens, so I just have to face it now and hopefully I will come out of this stronger then before, with a black eye or not^^

So the fight will be tomorrow evening at 7 pm and we hopefully are coming back that evening. One sleeps best in the own bed. I am going to pack my stuff now, take some Magnesium and prepp everything for tomorrow. Camera charged, SD Card empty and fighting gear ready.

This is it. This is what I wanted, no matter how unprepared I am. This is what I asked for. Let’s hope I will get over the fact of punching somebody full power on in the first seconds, otherwise I am screwed. It is just so weird to get suddenly all sirious and try to actually hurt sombody.

To be very honest I am slightly terrified right now.

I got more then 12 hours to figur out how to get angry and how to let go of any restrictions I put onmyself. 12 hours to get a fighters mindset and not that of a scarredycat.

I am going to sleep on this now…let’s hope I figured it out by tomorrow at 7 pm 😉

Night my Lovelies^^

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