Nooo I don’t want to kill anybody, but I do have a certain fable for weapons…especially hidden, flying, sharp weapons.

What else would you expect of a Kung Fu student??

So it’s time for another let’s go shopping guide.

Let’s go Kungfu Weapon shopping in China.

There are loads of Kung Fu Schools all over China, like the school I am training in, which is in Jiangsu Province. (Head over here to Maling Kung Fu School to check their webpage out if you are interested in training in china)

But to actually go shopping for weapons?!

There really is just one perfect place to do so.


Home of endless Kungfu Schools (Half of the city’s populations are students, Tagou alone has around 40 000 students). All of these students need to be dressed and stuff to train with and don’t even get me started on the masses of tourists looking for souvenirs.

If you can’t find it there, you won’t find it anywhere! It is the perfect place to go Kungfu Weapon Shopping!!!

Now I spent exactly 300 Rmb last weekend. Which are about 42 Euros at
the moment.SAMSUNG CSC

It really helps if you have any idea about how much you actually can haggle the prices down if you do it right.

This is why I want to share these informations with you.

If you try I am sure you can get the things even cheaper, I am just usually to lazy to bargain hard, but there are some naturals out there who have perfected the game.

(Kristian a guy who also trained in Maling learned the haggling in minutes and nearly made the sellers cry…I envy his talent 😉 )

And that all it is, keep it in mind…it’s a game about who is the smartest 😉

Let’s start!


  • 40Rmb for my white silk Tai Chi Uniform


    Pretty right?! 🙂

  • 70Rmb for my red&black Suit
  • 30Rmb for Sanda pants and shirt (But here are different brands, that was the cheapest one)
  • 100 for a more detailed Kung Fu Suit
  • 150 was what she wanted for a nice cotton Tai Chi Suit, but she got the calculator out, which means you can haggle a bit more…so I am guessing 100-120 for the nice material once
  • 20 for simple cotton pants (If you buy many you may are able to haggle)
  • 80-100 for monk uniforms


  • weapon shopping in chinaThere realls just is one option – Feiyue ! And they should cost you 20Rmb, many will ask you for 25 because you are foreigner, just walk out and go to the next store…I really recommend a small store on the right side of …Lu on ….Lu. I didn’t even have to start haggling, she gave me the right price straigt away
  • The biggest size we found was 47, if your feet are bigger, you might get nothing more then the seller breaking out into laughter.


I can't help it...I love them^^

I can’t help it…I love them^^

  • Broadsword- Obviously always depending if it is a simple training weapon or actually a solid sword (mostly for Tai Chi) The training ones can be found for 30-40 Rmb, the solid ones will start around 60 Rmb
  • Double Straigtsword- The cheapest solid ones we couls haggle to 140 Rmb and the flappy training ones to about 70 Rmb
  • Doube Broadsword- Pretty much the same prices then for the straightswords!
  • Straightsword…Training ones start at 30 Rmb, the prettier Tai Chi Swords started around 90 Rmb (with a bag, but that was Chrisitians haggling talent) otherwise around 100, if they are very fancy and the blade is engraved and well balances it goes up to maybe 150Rmb. Be prepared to really haggle hard for these.
  • Bagua Blades- The Moon Blades start at 30-40 Rmb for the cheap simple ones and the owners started with 230 Rmb for the ones with a wooden handle. I am guessing you should be able to haggle them down to at least 150 and pretty sure even lower…SAMSUNG CSC
  • Chainwhip- Start around 20 Rmb for the simplest ones…get a tad more expensive for heavier ones or with special weights at the end.
  • Bullwhip- 30-50 Rmb…Don’t pay more^^
  • Throwing Knives- Around 15-40 Rmb for 3-4 knives – Depends on your haggling skills and on how fancy they look…better go for the solid ones without big cutouts, otherwise they break to easily.
  • Fans – Plastic start at 10, if you buy many you might get them for 8 Rmb. Wooden ones are usually between 10-15 depending on how many you buy and how patient you haggle. Metal ones start at 20Rmb
  • Staffs- 10 max for the normal once, the solid, thick once might start around 15 Rmb.
  • Fancy, strange Kungfustaffs- The nice ones with the ball or blade on top are a tad more pricy…Usually you should expect to pay somewhere between 150-350 depending on material, style ect.

And that’s it really. You will find loads of amazing things, if you are looking for something special, let me know and I can check the prices with my teachers at the academy or the school store!

Hope this helps and makes the shopping easier 😉

Have a lovely Day =)

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