One of the hardest things when you travel isn’t organizing a journey and saving the money, but letting go.

Letting go of the usual comforts, people, lifestyle and throwing yourself into a new culture.

What is sometimes even harder is staying on the Road.

Now and then you will meet people, that sneak into your hearts, but have so fundamental different lifestyles that there is no other option but letting them go, for your own and also for their insanity.

Because in these cases, one would have to change in ways that go against many things that make them who they are. Or the other choice is a life of constant compromise. We know these things are hard to work and often they simply fade out, day by day.

If characters differ, things can work out, but when lifestyle, values or goals are opposites, it will be a constant clash.

This is the moment where you either go insane and give it a try, give up who you are and hope that just staying with them will make you happy, which sometimes works out.

Or it is the moment when you let go.

When you lean back, look at the situation and accept that not every good story has a happy ending, because life is never as simple as the movies. When you realize giving up your goals and lifestyle might very well break you and you in the worst case will start resenting the other person or yourself.

And you will have to let people go. Friends, sometimes family or the one you fell in love with.

Because in the end this is your life and you have to live it the way you feel is right for you.

Changing yourself for somebody, won’t ever change your core and if they love or admire you for who you are, they anyway do so for who you are, not for what you are pretending to be.

So when things are worlds apart, you let go.

But not simply kick them out. Keep the door open. It might be more difficult than just cutting them out, they deserve a little bit more respect then that. And life is sometimes a wonderous thing and sometimes things never happen exactly as you expect them anyway.

The people who you have to let go, can still be your inspiration, your strength, your peace or your friend.

Even if they are not with you, they are still and always will be a part of your story. They formed and changed you in one way or the other.

Maybe your chapters together are over, but their importance never will be!

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