Well hello, time for another Sunday storytelling session, which is to be accompanied by the latest performance video.

If you want to know more about what’s up with all that performance stuff, click here.

Otherwise I hope you will just enjoy the Video.

The guys trained long three weeks for it and it can be said that everybody was getting a bit tired with it and was waiting for it all to be finally over.

Then Tuesday evening came and ohh boy they, me maybe too for a short form, rocked the stage. Besides a minor accident with the back picture, sticks and swords have a long reach, all went well.

Jauffrey managed to scare all the kids away from the stage with his tiger form. This way nobody in the audience lost their head or any other body parts due to a giant broadsword or some fast staff moves.

On Wednesday evening then Master Bao invited everybody for Dinner because of the good results of the performance. The food was great, just some of us maybe had a tad too much to drink. I am confessing, me included. Now that certainly wasn’t the smartest move, as it was right during training week.

Seems like we kept a couple of people up. And here it comes, something that just happens in Kung Fu Schools.

Next morning at 6.30 a crazy whistling starts. Everybody is totally confused and gets kicked out of bed for a line-up. That speech wasn’t the nicest to hear, but well deserved. I just feel sorry for the fact that everybody, even those not involved got told of. Would have prefered doing horsestance or any other punishment instead. But then that wasn’t up for us.

Luckily he didn’t grab to a stick, as they do in some other Kung Fu Schools, that would have been really scary.

So far it seems like the biggest punishment is that all the other students who were sleeping are a tad mad at us. Which is pretty effective too, I think I will behave for the next couple of weeks or better months xD

In the end I can’t change what happens, now I at least have an entertaining story to tell.

Boy that whistle was seriously mean.

Seems like he will maybe try to test it ones during the night to see how fast we react. So we might are going to get a nightly fire drill as punishment.

And we have to redeem ourselves to Mr. Bao the Headmaster, which will be the biggest task. When I think about it, what we did was incredibly impolite. The only thing we can do now is show that we are sorry for our bad behaviour and don’t do it again!

But then I guess Karma already punished me too, that night my phone broke completly(it has been acting strange before already) and my knees are a big mess.

They are now really acting up. I hope I will get them under control before our competition in two weeks. I really want to take part in the competitions, just to see how it is.

I highly doubt I will win anything. But as we already learned from my Sanda fight, even a loss can teach an important lesson.

So now I will be treating my knees with loads of Tiger Balm, other pain relief creams and extra strengthening excercise.

And that’s pretty much it from Shaolin Life. Besides the performance and the morning line-up, life has been pretty calm this week.

Ohh besides the about 30 Chinese Kids currently training in the school. So much fun to watch and very impressive. I will make some Videos next week and share them on social media. So if you are interested follow me on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date 😉


Love ya all^^

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